doing this career

I am starting with a new chunk of experience of my career life, another torch to burn and bear. I am looking forward now not into having a new job soon but what I wanted is to stick with this and be successful in the long run, reality bites, I am at the stage of securing and finding that stability. I think that’s what people expect and think of me in this age. Well, anyone can look for a job at any age, with couple of reasons to back it up. Facing a challenge into staying and keeping this job takes a lot of effort, it is really a pain in the ass looking for new jobs and bearing all that long cues for interviews and exams. Right now, I dread that idle time, that dependency on finances to my parent and brother, I hate the feeling of me not fending for myself.

What I love with this new career is that I have new found friends to keep me sane and grounded in working out the challenges of this job. Though having the business background, I guess doing sales is really a gift. It is an acquired skill or innate talent for some but basically it is something to master if it is really a part of that job description I decided to take on. Gladly, I was able to scratch the tip but all I can say is that I am way long to reaching that quota soon.

Having new funky colleagues which by the way is like finding your niche group since we are like a fruit cocktail mix on the floor, the other flock is comprised of that nosy and noisy while that other flock is comprised of cool and cowboy personas. Such a diversity.

Moving forward, I have a job, I have new found friends, I have my blood money(sorry for the morbidity!) and I want to face just this now. Head on and will enjoy this ride. Let’s go!



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