pushing to the edge

Pushing to the edge. That is what I have felt after having our team huddle this afternoon. Quite a fright reverberated inside me because the feeling of high expectation again came across my mind and I knew that it should be taken positively, it is now a part of my new endeavor. A package I should start ripping off from its box to reveal it and be able to finally use it. Failure is normal, but I think it isn’t normal to dwell on failure and be taken aback after experiencing failure. I am not even that kind of person, I then move on and think of how can I better my ways in the next challenge.

Moving on, getting inspired pushes you too to the edge as well. One may be inspired through friends, loved ones, new hobbies, travelling and a long list of things unfolds. On my number one spot, family gets me inspired all the time. Family first. Not that I have my own family but it is them, my mama and my brothers keep me grounded and strive for what life puts me into. It is either I take the muddy swamp, the loosely graveled road or the compacted asphalt laden tarmac.

Pushed to the edge. I was once pushed to the edge of just laying there and seep the blues and grey of life, that was also because of family. Perfect family is a far cry to just pictures we see on billboards and magazines. I was pushed negatively, into nothingness and plain. Make nothing out of my idle time that is why I am something compared to a fattened cow. I don’t want to get back to that time again. I don’t want the depression and sadness for it took a toll on premature aging of my emotions and life views and perspective.

Continuing on, I want to push until the edge and see myself getting that gold. I may not be that rich but at least I made great steps and triumphed on it. Praying fervently now that I may continue to be inspired and strive for more success and take a full throttle on effort, for that will only be the key in helping myself be pushed to the edge.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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