little spunks

“Little Rascals”, the movie I enjoyed watching back when I was in grade school where adorable kids within the neighborhood, were playing along, enjoying the summer days frolicking at the park, hide and seek at back alleys, being challenged by bullies and all that childhood oddity.

This memory of being docile, naive and free spirited levitates me of being blown away into the past to reminisce my childood too.

I may not be the cutest baby among the brood of cousins during that time, but I manage to get the attention of the family because of my unique look. I am not stating that my parents and the rest of my relatives are pitting against each other on who has the best looking babies, it was just that being situated in an extended family set-up wherein during simple weekend luncheons and all that sort of occasions on which the whole family were reunited, that pride and joy of parents having their babies passed like a stuffed toy pampered with that attention and love, of course, through touch such as pinches and kisses.

Scientifically, based on National Geographic documentaries I have watched, babies respond to touch and with that gesture they feel loved, secured and even boost their confidence and immune system. How cool is that? Even though one cannot fathom what is running on a baby’s mind since talking is a stage yet to develop as they grow, that connection alone plays a vital key to let them know that people around them love them dearly.

How come am I talking babies now? Yes, I am fond of babies but not yet rearing one, okay? Let’s be clear with that. 😀 I would like to share who these little rascals I have met and definitely makes my day every time I get to spend with them. Cuteness overload as you scroll down.

ImageHis name is Liam Zackery, my godson. Zak is his pet name. He was born on July 09, 2011. I am writing this down for posterity so that I can manage if I might forget to give him gifts as he grows up. I was drawn to this little rocker because of his long lashed-doe-piercing eyes. His mommy and daddy sure got a good looking DNA.

ImageMy second meet up with Zak. See that smile, ah that little rocker is at its peak of being all over the place, making trial and errors of all the things he is surrounded with.

To catch more of this long lashed-doe-piercing eyes little rocker, check out more pictures and posts about him here.

ImageOh this little “parekoy” (Filipino slang for best bud, chum) here is Zeb Matthew. He was born on December 16, 2010. My first godson, though I was not present during his christening and all that ceremonials, I was also drawn to this sun-kissed complexioned boy. During our first meet up (I have seen him when he was just a few days old but I  am uneasy holding him besides he was asleep during that encounter and I am about to attend a party, :P) he was already seeing colors and vividly remembers who his mom’s or dad’s face but he was never fussy when I held him in my hands. He was just staring at me the whole time and maybe inside his mind, might he have transpired it in words could have uttered “Who is this man? Is he my godfather for real? How come he was not there during my baptism?” I am overly blown up to thinking   in interpreting his thoughts by the way. Maybe he was just tempering if I’ll steal him away from his mom’s sight.

ImageLook at Zeb, that is his pet name. These photos of him were taken when I went home for a long weekend vacation. I tried to see him this time because this would be just our second meet up after seeing colors and learning to identify faces. I do not want him to not include my face during that memorizing phase stage of him. Why am I saying this it is because little “parekoy” Zeb is living with his mom and dad at the metro, like an hour away from my place, kind of inconvenient sometimes to commute. Peace out Mom Bebs and Dad Jun!

To better see how this little punk swags (he is quite attentive, sensitive and fully aware of his dexterity now at 1 1/2 years old), check him here.
ImageThis little guy over here is Louis Zyro. His pet name is Zyro or Nonoy. His mom is such a creative and artful one, that is what make us click during our high school days, making cards and all that crafty things for school projects. Our first meet up was not that nice, in a way that he was already I think three years old then and talking to strangers is his top concern so as not to detached from his mom’s side. But this photo was a pleasant encounter apparently, he was sociable and quite chatty of anything he sees around him.

Discover Zyro’s talent here.

Well, my fondness with these babies transpired from my exposure to having been a weekend babysitter to my younger cousins back then, again extended family set-up. Surely, babies create that atmosphere of fun and never ending happiness, setting aside those sometimes fussy moments during meal time and oh-that-eww moments, you know what I am pointing out here, that call of nature :P, and when they cry after being left behind or alone in their crib.

With all these going on with a baby on site, that unexplainable innocence and joy radiating through them just erases any stress, injects little happiness in you making you wear that grin and beaming smiles, fondness on how the baby responds to your voice, words you utter even without yet knowing the meaning of it, clapping, sudden actions and you get shock just when he looks at you and smile, giggle or chuckle, in awe, that is a treasured moment!

P.S. To the parents of these little spunks, thanks for sharing your happiness. I wish that they grow up to be good, level headed and God fearing persons. I will also try my best to inflict goodness and guidance to them, be a friend, second parent, confidante, or even a character reference in the future for their resumes.



  1. “His name is Liam Zackery, my godson. Zak is his pet name. He was born on July 09, 2011. I am writing this down for posterity so that I can manage if I might forget to give him gifts as he grows up. I was drawn to this little rocker because of his long lashed-doe-piercing eyes. His mommy and daddy sure got a good looking DNA.” – – the whole article is sweet. But the lines I’ve quoted are the sweetest. 🙂


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