Chasing Sunlight and Breeze

He just got here after a month long stay at his hometown. Maybe just to pass time and reconnect after running a four month job of being all over the place again. Things for him were not just condensing right. It was like suffering from alexythemia, repelling emotions, or not having any emotions at all. The set up was quite hard in the sense that fending for himself relied on his family. He was already feeling brazen to himself.

Floating. Soaring. Again wanting to go somewhere but never really knowing where to go. Pictures of places came shuttering, flashing inside his mind just wanting to make it alive so that he could pop into it and sink in it. Feel how the serenity, the uniqueness and the dynamic life thriving in it.

It was already five in the morning. He got out of bed and rushed for the bathroom, splashed cold water across his face and looked at his reflection. Closed his eyes and headed out to towel dried that face. Put on the sneakers and off he went.
DSC01865 DSC01866

The road was moist of the dew, sitting on it, really awaiting for the rising of fire ball, that will soon make them sizzle and be gone. Traversing that long road to meet with his pack, he breathed, he was warming up for the walk up the mountain. Running for a couple of minutes just to excite the bloodstream and pump more oxygen inside his body. He was getting ready for that trail.
DSC01867 DSC01869

What was running on his mind? What was he thinking all along this walk?

While walking, the morning breeze was cold and the sun beams were just winking at the horizon and a sudden brush of cold damp air swept him in, it was a passing rider. He was carried away by that wind movement. The scent of grass filled with dew was evident. He could see the tiny droplets sliding away from the leaves, kissing the ground. He made a slight grin when saw droplets sliding off from leaf to leaf, just a boy freely making his way a tube and down the end, there’s light. He continued walking through with the pack. The trees along the trail were like bowing down as he made a pass at them. Touching their leaves. Brushing their barks and making rounds at their trunks. He felt like hugging them because old folks would say that trees absorb bad energy, it has a calming and relieving effect. As he turned up, the light was beaming at his brown eyes and he suddenly closed his eyelids. He felt the warmth.
DSC01920 DSC01900 DSC01902 DSC01885 DSC01880

Off went onto the trail. Relishing the greenery of the surrounding. He exchanges small talks. Laughing at his cousins funny antics and clicking away with shots from his digital camera, they were posing at every resting slope. It was really funny seeing him almost made a slip at one slope of the trail. The ground was drying up of the morning dew as the sunrise shatters all over the plane and foot of the hill. He was at the foot of the hill then. The heat was rippling through his skin. He was not wearing a cap or got any shades. He prompted his open palm to shade his face from the sun. Shadows of his fingers casting on his face but still the heat warmed him up making him blush and sweats begin to form up his forehead trailing down his cheeks, chin and neck.

Overlooking the vast plane he was seeing the expanse of the quaint town. Afar, the lake was glinting from the sun rays touching the water surface. It was obviously murky and reduced in size due to urbanity. The hotel caught his eye, that landmark he knew was where his home stands across. He was smiling because he left his brother still snoozing at that couch, also wanting to come with him for the trail walk up. He reached for his phone, sent him a message and made a call but no answer. He texted him that he can still catch up with the trek, he may ride a motorcycle up to our spot. He let the pack knew and laughter burst at the hilltop.

As he went up higher, the breeze was still cold, the light fainted on his eyes as more trees come bowing down the trek. On the side turn, the soil was still damp. He went straight striding from roots of the trees already erupting from the trail. He was looking at the expanse again. It was all green, trees, bushes, grasses, and birds chirping, swooshing down the tall grasses maybe looking for insects to feed on.

He and his cousins reached the unfinished hut made by his uncle, their dad. Finally there was something to rest on for a visit or during the harvest of bananas and other root crops growing. It was his first time to reach the place. Part of it was owned by his mother, an heir from their parents hard work. He wondered. All sweaty and cold, he drank the ice cold water, shards of ice still floats in it, soon his thirst was quenched and relieves the hunger pangs for a hefty breakfast. Unfortunately, only a loaf was brought and shared among them. Each broke a handful. Chickens were roaming, all pecking on the ground, scratching the soil for bits of food. It was a delight moment to see chickens again. He was fond of it during his childhood. He always got one or two as a gift from his grandmother at his grandfather’s farm. They boiled eggs to munch on after that loaf of bread was crumbled among them.

He was refreshed. Relieved and he felt positive currents charging inside him. He is relishing the moment of cold hill breeze and the warmth given off by the sun beaming on the tree tops. He was just sitting on the bamboos racked up for the hut’s unfinished front porch. He got excited to get back here and see that the resting hut finished and ready for more bonding moments with his cousins, uncles and brothers.

He went up at the peak of the hill farm. Looked around it, the greenery, the breeze, the sun and the feeling of just being there, breathless and calm. Cleared mind. Heart beating. He closed his eyes and he smiled. Sinking into the expanse.



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