of MacGyver and the moon

I think you deserve a rightful feature in my blog. From here on I could never imagine my life turning out to be quite interesting and definitely sustainable and fitting to enjoy its time and possibilities without your endearing support, of course of your selfless brotherly love too. I am saying because you inspire me and makes me look forward to everything about hard work and the love for the family.


I know, I know I have all the rough things up with me for the past couple of years, my indecision on career left me penniless and you were just there. It is a ton of help until now that I know I should give back to you. Someday, promise. Don’t worry, dear brother, I have the list. I told you. For that I am thankful, greatly thankful. Thank you for being such a great help to me really. And I know that would not be enough though. Thank you too for understanding me.


Wait. I will cut my melodramas. This is suppose to be a vibrant post about you, dear brother. [Laughing] Just chill and we’ll trip down the memory lane. Oh, these are just some thoughtful testimonials of mine to you. More so, I want you to feel better and be happy always.

Let’s start with your birth name. Yours, Rodrigo, means brave. Seriously, you are in many ways. It takes bravery to stand up for life. A life that would be best for us, the family. It takes bravery to be away from family. A family you envisioned to be together after those uneventful circumstances. It may somehow have put a mark on each of us but because of you, standing up, facing the responsibilities. We have kept it tight. I salute you for that. I am proud of you.


On a lighter note, your childhood as I see it was fascinating and I know you really have the guns to brighten up someone’s mind because of things and places you knew, way information overload sometimes, you even argue with facts. With our 3 year gap, we aren’t far from each other’s reach of interests. I thought you were always smart. Smartest on general information, maybe because at home, newspapers or any magazines were always a sight and something for the eyes and mind to feast and digest.

To add to that, you are a couch potato. Television is a prime entertainment for you back then. With your favorite TV shows from MacGyver, (see the title, brings back childhood memories, isn’t it?) the Flying House down to all the animated series. You seem to have that photographic memory of it. Movies too, from Apollo 13, (again see the title, you did dream of becoming an astronaut, didn’t you?) Free Willy down to Forrest Gump. You collected magazines of moon, stars and spaceship. You didn’t even let me come to a scratch just to scan it. I want to see it too. (Well, I did sneak in to your closet once just to see that spaceship.) There’s even more TV shows, from National Geographic to Discovery Channel. That’s why I too have been inclined to these TV shows and all that science fuss.

ImageYou are outdoorsy and sporty. With the influence of MacGyver’s wit and explosives and GI Joe’s combatant you would turn the rooftop to a battle ground with me in tow. You even made fight plans on paper. Ah, you were also fascinated with fighter aircraft, up until now maybe? You have had pictures of these too that you cut from glossy magazines. It was a game trend back then of these fighter aircraft made of paper and you need to blow it to “let it fly” head to head with a co-player and if it stumbled and turned, he’s the loser.


With all these having said, you are the brother we are lucky to have. The bravery that is in you pushed you to walk ahead and be up for all of us and Mama. I am inspired by your sacrifice. I deeply appreciate what you have provided for us. On this Rodrigo-Nonoy-Banonoy day of yours, I just wish you to be at the pinkest of health and be happy always. Cheers to you, great brother!

Happy Birthday, Noy!



What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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