house, dinner and beach bummers for all seasons

Finally, a summer adventure happened with my friends in tow after a couple of years. In one sweep move we were on a bus headed for the beach. It would be an all first time kind of beach getaway and exploration. It was not our usual summer beach anymore, where we run to whenever we get bored of hopping with each other’s house’s living room and veranda. That beach was way too back when we were in high school and during college semestral breaks, and we need to move on from there but we’ll surely won’t forget it, might even get back on it one day to recreate some summer shots. Today, it is time to discover anew.

Summer is a big thing for us. Since all of us are living just two or three blocks away from each other, the chances of converging outside our houses are always a high percentage. Meeting with each other is really just a few stones throw away.


Now that we are facing each other’s life endeavor from treading our career paths to having a starter family, our summer meet-ups settled only during every holy week. Again, we are seated on the foyer to the living room and lastly in the dining room. To eat together and have a feast of missed staple homemade was an exceptional experience always. Stories under and beyond the sun would keep our dinners alive and laughter bursts are as expected to resonate throughout the four corners of our friend’s house. My realization on this was we again started to this house hopping, but having dinner together changed everything. It was a plus, totally a more intimate look to how our friendship have grown through time and we stick and got really stuck. It was eminent that we share different levels of relationship to each other given a kaleidoscope of personalities, still, it all simmer down to being fitted in with each other’s company and missing when someone would not make it or just can’t make itDSC04704

I would like to credit Kervi, my twin sister’s beau for this shot. It was her birthday when we went here at Pundakit, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines. Factly, we are not blood related sibling just because we are twins, just because we want to call ourselves twins. She’s the one in stripes.

When we converge during these dinners, whether to celebrate a birthday or to just spend away time with each other’s company, reminiscing what happened then, from childhood to high school antics, is a favorite topic. Maybe it is innate in us to carry out the stories, and pin it to history etched in our minds. Oh, with these dinners come our potluck ideas, isn’t it sweet? and convenient too! Hehe!


From houses to dinners to beach bumming, all of it speaks to how simple bonding makes this friendship prosper through time forming ourselves a little family. It’ll grow to a clan soon, I’ll bet. ;D




What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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