and world peace

Last Saturday, May 4th, I went to hear an anticipated mass for Sunday. While I am preparing myself at the apartment to go to church all I can think of was I just want a clear head now.

I wanted to start on a clean slate state of mind on things I am rooting for myself at this time.

Sorry to give you a vague shot but I am really going to keep mum on this. As I dressed down and went outside walking to catch a jeepney bound for the market, I was just seeing what my eyes were seeing, nothing up there inside. A clear head. But a part on the corners of my mind was my intention of hoping that God will grant my prayers. That was all that kept on replaying in there.

When the mass started, I got a painted smile on my face knowing that the officiating priest would be one of my girl friends’ favorite priests in the parish because of his gracious and kind aura, and they liked him too because he’s a quite a good looking man himself. I said “they” because actually two of these girl friends of mine have a crush on this priest. He’s Father Carlo or Caloy.

Repeatedly, when I am with them during times like these that Fr. Caloy would be officiating the mass, I would get giggles and aahhhs from them. They would start telling me how he speaks meekly and again that gracious and kind aura of him. Not to mention too their low shrieks when they would relay how soft his hands are, they would even gesture of placing their palms together and slip it through beneath their cheeks or chin as if it were his hands. I would just bob my head, and glare at them because oh-come-on we are inside the church.

Silence is an understatement. And after I would grin at them and we would all softly laugh about it.

Well, by this time around I got to accompany just one of them. So it’s more tolerable. All I heard from her was, “Oh, it’s Fr. Caloy!”, blushingly giggling and we smiled together at the sight of him. We were seated at the back pews, far from the altar, so all I was seeing was a pea head, fair skinned, Fr. Caloy himself. I can’t remember how many times I have attended mass with him officiating it.

Vividly, the mass attendees usually on Saturdays are fewer in numbers that’s why I prefer to hear mass at this hour. With few people inside the church, the temperature is somewhat reduced or cooler, it’s not AC-ed unlike the posh, yes posh churches that are located in Makati area and silence is at bay too, with less children whining and running around I can concentrate really on the order of mass and attain that peaceful spiritually nourished state.

I was able to plight on that state when the priest began his homily. I was all ears and I was glad that the speakers were in max and even Fr. Caloy was enunciating clearly his preaching. His preaching focused on peace. He exclaimed first about how we hear about peace. Bringing it on as an answer to one’s birthday wish or even to a beauty pageant’s candidate contribution or role of hers to the world.

In that instance he caught my attention to hear what he has to say on the peace thing.

Though, I was all ears, I was not able to get his sources, maybe it was through a mentor in seminary or from an anonymous author or just his life realizations while studying theology. I knew he mentioned it as introduction to this peace matter. Anyway, he continued that all of us would want, would have and been wishing to attain peace. From external up to one’s inner peace, of mind, family, career and the world of course. This wish on peace erupted mainly because of the presence of conflict, envy and discontent around us.

Fr. Caloy stressed that there are three kinds of peace. His examples fell on similes. It was very interesting and one can easily objectify it in comparison to his everyday life experiences really. I grinned on it.

courtesy of Google imagesThe first kind of peace, peace like a turtle. Like a turtle, it has an armored shell to tuck itself into whenever felt threatened or disturbed. Shielding itself from any external factors. Having a peace like that dwells on fear. Yes, we are vulnerable and open and yet we close to ourselves just to have that peace. A peace at fear rather that should be fought on and be strongly held.

Secondly, peace like a volcano. This I found very relevant not to myself but to someone I know. courtesy of Google imagesIt is one of the majestic shapes on earth’s landscape. It is open for everyone to see and appreciate. Its majestic charm even lures you to really discover its slopes. From outside, it is serene, her beauty fills you in but inside of her are full of heat and wrath that is stewing, simmering and readying to spew out and thunderously erupt. Like a volcano, at peace yet something is hidden inside. A state of peace that is superficial. Peace should transcend deeper too.

And the last kind, peace like a cemetery. How he delivered this was quite funny because he used a slang term. The church echoed with laughs after. A cemetery is where our loved ones, families and even pets are laid to rest. Peace like a cemetery is at peace with numbness, apathy, indifference and just doesn’t care like the dead. courtesy of Google imagesNot minding, keeping within their tombstones and though open for all to see, nothing is really happening, even reaching out. Peace must be transpiring, one should reach out and communicate to deliver its message. After hearing all of it, I discerningly take on what kind of peace I was into. I will keep my own verdict. Peace.

My realization on this was all of these kinds of peace could be settled to a peace that is fluid and really transpiring. One may start it within himself, eliminating the combined state of peace like a turtle and a volcano.

As soon as he achieved that he should dynamically work on not being at peace like the dead in the cemetery under six feet rather really walking, not walking dead though, for everyone to see with confidence, reflecting self worth and truly at peace inside and out.

Like a light bulb, it would just glow among us.

Peace be with you all.

Photos courtesy of Google Images


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