am I really an Irish noble king?

Maybe “noble Irish king” sounds grammatically correct, isn’t it?

To begin with I am not Irish, neither a noble king. LOL! Whatever.

I thought that this entry should fit in my “About” page however I decided that it is much more interesting to elaborately explain the whole birth of this blog of mine in this way. Up until now I am so full of excitement and have always felt surreal whenever I write, save draft, preview and publish a post. The whole Wordpress experience for me is like a trance.

When you begin thinking of just anything, or suddenly an idea pops out over some internal or external general triggers like whenever we are situated, whatever we are doing and how we are doing in any case. That sort of like you are lost in translation.

I know that with pen and paper, one can jot down that sparks of ideas, or with todays’ gadget galore generation, from smartphones, iPods, iPads, tablets and notebooks, all of these are digitally engraved with automatic functions to get your thoughts and not only stagnate in your draft message boxes but for the whole wide world to see, interact and or maybe skeptically react on that ideas. Then it was the birth of microblogging sites, to a full now thriving, trending social media platforms and networks. It is also packed with bevies of applications that promise tweaks and all that easy possibilities of good editing or even auto correcting modes. These sometimes, I believe ruin the fluidity or the spontaneity. Nothing against though on these bevies but I more on personal approach, minimal and not too keen on templates.

Given that I am using WordPress as my platform to share my ideas and as well as my writing style, I am somehow contradicting my later point, right? However with me being aware and have grown to this generation where social media platforms are one of the ways to interactively portray anything under the sun, I guess I am in it to use it. Least, it is for free and I get to commune too with my ideas to anyone inside this foam party, with WordPress as the bubble maker and us, the WordPress users the suds that make the party alive and kicking.

With the hope that I am making this foam party alive and kicking, my introduction to blogging started with then Friendster(FS) and I forgot the first blog platform I signed in. I think I was able to scratch some notes in FS but I felt not so confident in publishing it. I was like reading only to musings of my friends. My access to internet then was really limited. Limited to the extent of only using it for school projects and barely as to actively interact with my high school friends, and even relatives abroad. I had to go to an internet shop for all of these, just to keep my account active.

When my twin sister, we’re-not-blood-related-though-we’re-twins-just because, encouraged me to blog I was hesitant the first time she asked me. She knew I was into journal writing already. Basically, a pen and paper journal and all that musings. I remember then that when I want her to share an entry of mine, I am thinking of having that entry photocopied to protect my privacy. (Laughing) Of course, that journal is on an only me function. But that didn’t happen, I just opened it to that page and watch her like a hawk while reading it. We’ve had a few drinks already of tequila when I let her read it. It was about a chronicle of events involving her and my opinions on it.

I wondering now where I could have stashed that journal. Did I burn it down or what? I will try to find when I go home at the province. I will try my best to find it so that I can share for posterity some entries of mine here. I’m excited.

With my twin sister’s encouragement, I did check out WordPress few months later. She was getting the hang of pressing when she again told me to start creating my blog. Reminding me to muse around and just do it like what I did with journal writing, the only difference is I will have an online audience but it was my prerogative still to keep it private or publicly post it.

I signed in. The first thing I did is to come up with a name for my blog. I really can’t think of anything. Then, a light bulb appeared. I wanted a unique name for my blog. I ended using my name Farrell for my blog URL. I typed “the name is fahrrell”. I used “fahrrell” instead of “Farrell” because my high school friends would call me “fa”, they experienced a lot of tongue rolling and twirling whenever they would pronounce my whole first name. So I settled with it. Then it became “fah”. For flair or swag, I don’t know. Maybe to disconnect me from that note “fa”.

So now with my address name present. I was lost on what could be my header. I was torn if to use my URL or come up with another one. I did use my URL the first time but later on I decided to change it and “Irish noble king” was born. I used my URL as my header name for a couple of months but I wasn’t able to post entries during that time. I was not into the computer world then. Still settling with my pen and paper. Reluctant to enter the foam party.

My epiphany to blogging and in changing my blog header came when I searched for the meaning of my name as part of my plain web surfing thing and revving the after feeling of independence and security when my application for correction of my name on my birth certificate was approved already. It was my college enrollment that I found out that my name I grew up using was different from my birth record. It was a mere single letter difference.

I “googled” out each of my first name in looking for their meanings. My name “Farrell” means noble and of Irish descent while my second name “Rodrigo” means king and of Spanish descent I think. I love my name so I coined noble and Irish together with king. Boom!

Yeah, Irish noble king. I would love to be there in Ireland. I could use some snow to feed my curiosity on it and experience the Irish culture. Being noble is detached far from me. I am no noble in ways too just yet. It is really a heavy word to give but I think I have a noble ambition. And yes I am a king in my own throne and palace. Peace.

Photo credit to Game of Thrones Facebook page.



    1. Hehe. .yeah, thanks for your honesty though, twin sis. Guess, will just have to suck it for life to anyone hardly hitting my name’s spelling correctly. Hehe!


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