where’s the remote?

What I can remember then as to when I started discerning the shows I am watching, maybe I was just like five years old. A five year old kid watching daily news, of course the cartoons of Hanna-Barbera and Japanese productions, and some local family and comedy oriented shows.

If by any chance, I and my elder brother would get to converse of throwback childhood experiences, he would have knocked me out in reiterating these TV shows we used to watch. That’s how his memory serves him so well. He really got I think a photographic memory. All of these shows are under one slate of channel, since the coverage was fairly limited then and so it was really easy to familiarize.


Cable TV wasn’t within reach, only the ever reliable television antenna stood in our rooftop. My memory’s beating me here as I am trying to remember when did we subscribe to our local cable guy, maybe it was somewhere between of 1994 or 1995. Luckily, this old cable guy sucks at his service now. It is frustrating.

There’s this trend now of internet TV where you can watch interactively on live streaming or download of games down to reality shows and even enjoy funny Youtube videos. I haven’t really experienced this one yet and even if I had the chance to get an internet capable TV, our old cable guy just won’t be reliable. He’ll just blow it.

I am digging what’s within my reach.

With more local TV channels on the rise, most of them catering to syndicated shows abroad and usually American reality show themed, name it from culinary, fashion, modeling, dancing duos or singing idols, island survival, getting a date, traveling around the world and even finding the love of your life and then the themed series of course. All of which are competing for ratings and merely for the entertainment of everybody. Some of these themed reality shows I already grew up with to liking since it has been ages ago but still it is successfully airing with the same theme.

hell's kitchen

When it comes to the series, oh, this one really got me turning around from being bolted to my seat while watching it till marking my calendar and even setting an alarm in my phone just not to miss its season finales.

But gone are those days, my viewing habits changed. Before I was really glued to every weeknights just to catch up every episodes.

the vampire diaries

Since the hype of the internet you can already download everything in it and suit yourself to a series marathon weekend or simply if you can’t, go buy some DVDs at the nearby CD stands and pick among the tons of series copies from syndicated Korean soaps, animated and all kinds of movies and a lot of these TV series, from Bones, CSI to Hell’s Kitchen, The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries and a long list it goes.

Chance upon, you can even befriend these sellers which they would willingly offer their contact numbers just to tip you of their new copies at hand. That’s what you call customer service.

I still like watching TV. I like the feel of the remote.

criminal minds

That feeling of being in control and when you get bored, some right and left clicks won’t hurt, channel surfing always on the go and the shock of a mini replay marathon of your favorite series awaits you.

Now I am stuck and bolted. Again.

Photo credits to Google Images, Hell’s Kitchen, Criminal Minds & The Vampire Diaries(Facebook pages)



  1. “our old cable guy just won’t be reliable. He’ll just blow it.” – I know this guy! hahaha. As the saying goes dear brother, beggard can’t be choosers. He’s the only cable provider in our town.


    1. It’s true, isn’t it? hehehe. . I’m still in denial that Mr. Old Cable Guy here would make things better. It has been ages that we’re his loyal subscribers. We need better, we truly deserve better service. May angst talaga? hehehe! Again, “He’ll just blow it.”


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