sunrise, sunset how I love thee

The moment I open my eyes it is you I lay my sight on. Though squinting your luminescence just strike me the most of my attention. With your dainty soft hues it cradles me to serenity. With your warmth slowly creeping onto the cold breeze I am buried. I am tempted to never let you go.


And I will never get tired of chasing you. You’re amazing.


That sweet charming peeks you do completely blows me to cloud nine. Because of your indigo, pink and warm fiery orange flowing dress, it swaddles me off my feet and transports me to a surreal spot every time.


It is a blast from the past every time we meet. I can’t help myself to reminisce our every day dates. It is perfect in the early dawn as I await for you or when I just want to be with you after a long day and spend the stillness of time at dusk staring at you.


My self can’t contain that urgent feeling of staring at your beauty. The perfect warmth you give off at this every moment makes me want to see you more and get soaked together, again, in that stillness, peace and subtle. Enjoy each other’s stares. Then we kiss.


Your face from these two separate time doesn’t change. Your beauty spreads like a neon sign capturing every traveler’s eye. Your loveliness magnetizes every one with their eyes open. No one can deny of that about you.


You’re simply a beauty to reckon with. I promise.


I want to remember always the first time I capture you in still. I can’t get over that photo of you. It was where I fell in love with you, really. I want to remember it always because I lost that photo of you. Please forgive me. It’s not that I don’t give value but I settled with that being lost because everyday I get to meet you, and I am lost with you. I am more than happy to hopefully photographically memorize your loveliness. Though I know I am limited to what my eyes can only see.


But not with what my heart can feel for you. I am blown away by you.

These moments, our togetherness though how fleeting it seems I am always ready to wait for you. I promise you that. I am saddest when the clouds hide or take you away from me. It breaks me. I badly miss you every time that comes. But it keeps me grounded, it makes me rivet with high hopes that I will see you the next day.


I love you anywhere I go, anywhere I travel. I am hopeful that we’ll meet in the most quaint, or quiet place, from any roads to mountains to beaches. I am happiest when we date at the beach. I feel closest to you.


I can see you bare and just sweet. Be it in summer or when the monsoon rain comes, I love to love you by the beach. With the soft sands beneath my feet, the small waves lapping at the shoreline and the still horizon, I am in awe of you.


You complete me. I love you.

Photo credits to Rod Bufete Jr. and Karen Fajardo, some shots were taken by them.


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