letter to a Birthday Boy on his 17th year on Earth

I was rummaging in my closet desperately looking for my old journal notebooks but none of it I found, what welcomed me again was that chock-full box of mine where I stashed greeting cards, letters, pictures, medals and all the other stuff during my high school days.

I began sorting out the letters and cards from whom and when did I receive it.

A letter struck me with a wrong date written on it.

It was one privy letter from my twin sis(we’re-not-blood-related-though-we’re-twins-just-because) and her message was so relevant at this point of time. It has something to do with her expressing expectations for me which unexpectedly I did not live down on it.


Birthday Boy,

First of all, greet lang kita(just want to greet you) Happy 17th Birthday. Grabe!(Gosh!) Gurang nang gayo.(You’re old already.) But anyway, I wish you all the best Big Brother. Sooner or later you will receive[d] a wonderful gift from the Lord, it wouldn’t be the exact package as what you are expecting but it’s worth it Brother or shall I say Father(soon-to-be).

Speaking of Father, alam mo(you know what) Fah, right from the beginning I have this feeling that it is your destiny to be a priest. Don’t laugh! It’s quite corny but hey it’s the truth. Kaya(So), Rev. Fr. Farrell Bufete(soon-to-be) follow what the Lord wants you to be. Isn’t this enough?

You know what, I would like to thank you for supporting me. Alam mo na yun.(You already knew that.) For believing in me na kaya me ‘to, (that I can do this) kaya me yun.(that I can do that.) Ganun!(Like that!) Hindi lang yun, basta, salamat sa ngamin.(That’s not just it, really, thanks for everything.) I won’t say it all because there are too many na.(already) Thank you, thank you. Thanks for being a nice company, friend, adviser, Big Brother, classmate, layout [artist], basta ngamin na. (Really all of it.) Alam ko na(I know) if there’s a prob around, for sure, you are always ready to help.

Again Happy, happy B-day. Heart U.



I declined to post the last three paragraphs of this letter because I want to keep it with me. It was kinda strange for me now what she’s talking about in that statement.

Really, it was not that strangely bad.

Maybe she’s just sensitive that time or was quite pissed off on me but she still finished it by giving me some loving(read: Heart U) as her Big Brother and close, true friend.

I wanted to burst into laughing as I have tried remembering what made her wrote such sweet banters.

Included with the letter was a “little gift”, she referred to. Again, I want to keep it with me.



  1. Oh my! Is this the letter? UUgghh! I am speechless. haha! grammar alert..haha.. I have forgotten about this brother. And I have no idea why I’m thank you over and over again. I guess, I was heart broken that time and everyone was against me except you..haha.. you know, teenage drama.hahaha..

    P.S. what was the little gift again? I have forgotten na talaga.


    1. Yup! It’s just one of the letters, there are more to come. LOL! It’s okay, the grammar police is never to be seen. Hehe!

      I think the little gift was the DIY crafty cupcakes. I’ll look for it again.


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