when in Boracay

It was November of 2012, a sunny Friday morning, finally I am bound to Boracay.

At the domestic terminal the passengers alight from taxis then directly queue at the security and check in area. It was my first time to get to that terminal and definitely I thought to myself that it needs improvement, mega improvement.

The flight was delayed for 25 minutes. Just coursing through the waiting lobby I can’t help to recall how this trip finally happened. It was a year of push and pull for me and my travel companions. From booking our desired dates on long email exchanges between us and the package provider to our frustrations being reached in turn asking for refunds. But it all ended well.

As the engine of the Airbus roared to life, I can feel it at my window seat. I feel anxious because flying on an airplane makes you sound funny with that depressurization and altitude fuss. I don’t have any travel sickness though. That popping of eardrums seem to blow me off my excitement whenever I’m flying or traveling with changes on altitudes.

When the plane landed, my excitement again gradually peaked. At last, I am going to see and kiss you in a moment, Boracay. Just hang in there.

Finally that familiar salty scent and humid sea breeze caught my senses. The weather was perfect. We arrived just in time for that infamous beach sunset. How I love it. That indigo, fading fiery red orange and soft blue illuminating the teal and blue mix waves lapping on the white soft sands bury me instantly at the moment.

boracay 3

I stepped on it. My feet sank and the white fine sands pressed against it till in my toes. My feet turned dusty and white in an instant. I dust some of it and continue to walk by the shore.

The island’s beauty catches and bubble wraps you in trance. With all the sight you can see within your 180 degrees turn, you just can’t hide your jaw-dropping reaction in awe of its loveliness and the thriving life and culture from its tourist and locals.

Indeed she’s a beauty like no other, she does exude that uniqueness however under that, beauty is really skin deep. And what I have seen just makes me sick to my stomach and even not prolong my wading at her pristine blue water, I mean clear blue water. Pristine transcends purity and cleanliness but not this time. I feel sorry for her.

boracay 1

The island’s thriving life and culture shout environmental and local community concerns. We are lucky to book that date where algal bloom is at bay and the proof of pristine blue water, not green, is evident. I mean clear blue water again.

Spending this then quick getaway opened me to appreciate God’s creation and be more responsible as a steward of it. Because we are all steward, it’s a fact.

How I wish Boracay could have been protected at its best. Really it is a fact that success comes changes. Cold thriving proof, Boracay came to fame and look what she’s in today.

So when in Boracay, take photos as many as you can, be a responsible tourist, enjoy while you can.

And caress her, feel her soft powdery white sands in between your toes and take her by your side during the sunset.

Lastly, smile at her and never forget that moment you felt welcomed by her. It is for sure, that’ll be your sign to see and be with her again.

boracay 6

Images by Farrell B.



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