you can’t make me

Each and every one of us has its own ways of working around things, of our lives and of eating our favorite food and even buying that ice cream or chocolate that we crave.

These ways may have been acquired by us as we grow up, from the parenting of our mum and dad, to our preschool up to our high school teachers, to our best friends, college mates, even professors. All of them for sure made some or have greatly influenced our own ways on things.

But there are ways that I know most of us have something in common and these I find dreadful the most. Not that I don’t know how to do it but I dreadfully hate in doing it.

Inasmuch, when I am faced in working around these ways, these normal ways of course the natural instinct in me lights up in order for me to have a comfortable living situation or else I might need to work my arse off to pay for someone to do it or just let the critter creeps swarm and lounge at it leaving me a blob of molds and bacteria which I really dread of too.

I don’t like being sick, do you? So I really need to work my arse.

Back to these ways, I am going to tell you about it. and trust me I have already forgiven myself of hating these acts.

1. I dreadfully hate doing the laundry. I tell you, I hate doing it by hand. I could waste water more than I use to take a shower. Please go easy on me. Look at the picture, it is really a toiling chore. I hate it because I get easily “burned” by these detergents and all that soaps especially if I have a ton to wash by hand. I am not vain that I don’t want to ruin my hands or anything, maybe I just have an allergy to these detergents or allergic to doing the laundry at all. My solution is to stick with a washing machine or visit a laundromat. Simple.

2. I dreadfully hate dish-washing. Again, same reasons with the laundry thing, the soaps and detergents seem to be the culprit here. Even though I love the beach, that’s water. It seemed that getting soaked with suds doesn’t do me any good at all. The ideal solution, stuff my cupboards with disposable. I am sorry, Mother Nature.

But wait, I tried buying myself laundry gloves and dish-washing gloves. It takes time to fit into it sometimes, especially when laziness lightning strikes.

3. I dreadfully hate pressing, folding and putting my clothes in order inside my closet. I can just shove them inside and no one will check it, only Mum. Still with hangers in them, I just pile them and make a mound out of it. It amazes me and jokingly compare it to Mt. Everest. Resolution, it takes a light bulb of wanting to do it. In turn, I pile them up, turn it into a ball and again shove it in my closet. Done. [Dusting off my hands]


I know me. I know my people.

You can’t make me, I have my own ways.

I am open for suggestions, please do share your tips. Thank you.

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    1. Yes, I know that that washing machine is the key to all these laundry misery of mine. hehehe. . I tell you this is a satire of myself. Of course I am not that sloth kind. You know me rather I know you know someone. Peace out!


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