Hey, it’s me again.

I thought I will not be able to see you again. Going again to your place was quite on the rocks because of an unexpected circumstance.

But I remained positive and wished that the sun will grant me the fair weather. I am ready to brave the blues though. Swaying together with the ship isn’t a big deal with me. I am fine. I will be fine. I know I don’t have any motion sickness.

I am ready to rock the ship to be with you, again

The night before I wear my getaway ensemble, I looked up at the sky, I saw stars. A lot of them, not twinkling though, just brightly shining the night scene. I prayed again that may tomorrow be fair and sunny. I am excited to wear my sunnies. Then, I went to sleep and expected to dream of you, but I didn’t. I woke up early. I packed my things, some shorts and T-shirts, a pair of slippers, undies, towel, camera and my sunnies.

I am not alone again in seeing you for the second time. I have company and they’re the least people I could imagine to go with. I felt surreal when I accompanied them. Really. It has been years that I haven’t seen them in person and I am into a trance of enthusiasm and joy on spending this getaway. I know this would just be a quick one and seeing you with them would be like I-need-to-drop-some-things. And that’s it.


I was expecting that kind of scenario. You’re in my head. I am anxious. I am dying of excitement because I really want to see you with them in fair sky and the sun lighting you up in your amazing and awesome nakedness. I wanted to hear from them wows and I-want-to-stay-more pleads from their mom and dad.

It was dawn. We’re at the bus stop, waiting. The streets are empty, no one’s around just yet. Sound asleep tucked in their mattress and just waiting for the cock’s crow.

Soon we caught the bus. I was hesitant at first to get on it because they might not let us in or rigged the fare but my other uncle insisted that we take this one so as not to miss the cargo ship. Our bus ride was like a breeze, I didn’t realize that we’re at the port already if it hadn’t brake into a halt.

Yes, we’re here, Uncle. This bus will go directly to Caramoan and it will be boarded onto the passenger cargo ship where we’ll also ride. He just nodded in amazement and told me that it’ll be their first time to ride a ship, see a cargo ship and see a bus being driven into the vessel.


I am just in awe of the whole moment we waited for the ship to finish fueling and position itself at the dock. My cousins threw questions at me of what to’s, what’s this and that, hows and gladly I answered them all in clean sweep just like a real tour guide would. They teased me about it and I told them that it’s actually my alter ego doing all the explaining and knowing these info. Smiles and soft laughs reverberated that dawn at the dock.

Then a sight unfolded before our very eyes.


They said that they don’t get to see a lot like these at their cold country and I felt their amazement at the light bursting in front of them by  just looking at their faces’ reaction.


Then the sun was up and brightly heating up everything under its light. I looked up the sky and my wish was answered, indeed, it was a fine day. Blue, blue sky and a bit humid. Perfect for a beach getaway.

Some of us fell asleep, some a catnap. Then the captain shouted “Dolphins, dolphins”. I saw them. They saw it. I smiled and told Uncle that, I think this is a lucky trip for you and your family. You’re fortunate to have been blessed with a day like this. Just perfect, Uncle.


Thirty minutes away, I saw that we’re nearing the dock and ready to get off from the ship. I can see from their faces the wows and amazement. With the sun a little bit high, bright teal blue water greeted us while we trudged along the steep stairs down the ship and we hopped on to the bus again.

They were all eyes outside while the bus roared and drove uphill. Aunt even commented that it’s like traveling the road to Tagaytay because of the flourishing greens, fresh air and winding road.

I felt surreal again. Maybe it was because of a bit lacked of sleep at night before this travel. My head’s a bit light. But it didn’t stop me from feeling it in. I love the air. I love the sun. From bright teal blue, to greens and browns and soon back to bright teal blue with a dash of white, greens and grays.

I can’t help myself of feeling the moment again. Pure sight of this paradise seem to never get off my mind. I was here last year but we’re at the mercy of rains, waves and rocky boat. But it was fun, it was a different kind of company and we had a different fun then.

Next, we hopped onto the boat. And our eyes feasted to the bright teal blues again.

IMG_3491 IMG_3493 IMG_3504

It was indeed a fine day. The sea was calm and brightly teal blues filled our sight. My excitement peaked. I got confused of what season of the year it was because of sea’s calmness. I quietly adored the limestone islands with inexplicably growths of greens on it.  Truly shaped and reared under nature’s hands and time.

IMG_3511 IMG_3518

It was a good find. As I strolled the shore and readying myself to jump into the blue, I saw this and thought how it came to shape by waves, wind, and salts. I gave it to my cousin. I told him that it will be his remembrance from this paradise. Though I myself discourages this kind of practice of taking things like this but what prompted me was it will take him I-don’t-know-when and how-many-years would he able to get back here, relive this moment and feel immersed at this nature’s beauty.

IMG_3614 IMG_3626

I share with them the bliss and joy of having experienced a different kind of beach bumming. It was a first for them on this island hopping thing. It was such a beautiful day. Tranquil waves, time felt like a standstill that’s why lots of pictures were taken to remember this great vacation they had here at this part of what once they called home. I hope and think that they would still consider this as their home and would want to come back again.

We had our lunch on the island. I never get to experience it before this due to rain. The chicken and pork adobo that I cooked was a winner. Everyone of us got a hefty bite and filled our stomachs enough to fuel us, to keep us moving in exploring the islands.

IMG_3540 IMG_3545 DSC05772 DSC05773 DSC05822

I can see that they were enjoying the spot. They all have had their own moments of pure bliss. To take it all in the beauty of nature before their very eyes. Being at the tropics again seem to have pumped them to life compared to their quite gloomy, damp and cold day-to-day living. That made them want to snuggle in their beds every morning.

They were filled with wonders of these creatures carelessly living in their natural habitat. Seeing them glow and lit up with grins and smiles made me feel that I have grown younger and the kid in me again jumped in delight.

The hermit crab was turned to a temporary beach pet by them. School of fishes were also swimming along the sandy pebbled shore, hiding among the seaweed and sea grass covered cove and even in the coral reef beneath the clear teal blue.


As the sun continued to shine and baked us to a tan, I was happy inside seeing them have had a good time and really immersed themselves on how a paradise like this let them value the beauty of life, with family and that quality of time spent speaks of a stronger foundation towards happiness among them.

We have had all day cruising along these islands, finding ourselves ashore and back into the blue. The water was just perfect. Along the shades of the limestone, it was cold and so refreshing. I have had my fair share of blissful moment. Afloat. I looked up the sky, with my sunnies on, peace. It was a find. A good find.


Morning came.


I soaked in the soft hues of morning lights. Within that few minutes, as the sun rose up, I smiled and a playful and friendly stray pup wanted to lick me. I love dogs. I miss having one. Its owner whistled at it and off they went for a quick jog by the shore. The sea breeze was quite warm. I inhaled. I closed my eyes and opened it at the sight of the bright teal blue.

Breakfast. Coffee, ham and eggs with fried white rice filled our stomachs. Are we still going to the next island, Kuya? I answered no. With these, I realized that they did have a good time and wanted more. I knew that they will look for the adventure of island hopping. I smiled discreetly and I felt happy for them.

DSC05881 DSC05946

When you’re happy, you can’t help but smile, have a hearty laugh, even shout at the top of your lungs of whatever that made you back flipped over sadness or loneliness. Pursuit of happiness, it is best shared with family, or with someone that you know will give you back or at least share with you too that happiness. Whatever that is.

It’s time to pack up and head for the road. I have had the good time, I had peace, just a bit and it dawned on me that I need to move forward beyond my capacity, for the sake of trying. Such a cliche, you only live once. I needed to gather up myself and tread on the track. I would have to take my rubber soles and seriously start walking ahead.

I passed a lot of roads. Some I just pass through and there were those that I really head on to reach my destination.

DSC05967 DSC05956

Thanks for letting me come and see you again. Our second meeting I believed was a bang. I came with company and you welcomed them with open arms and we made moments to miss and reminisce, pure fun and oozing with familial loving and bonding. Till our next meet up!


Again, the sea was calm. I took a doze off during this boat ride. I felt my bones were melting. I had fun. They all had fun.


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