WPC: Carefree

WPC: Carefree

I can’t remember the exact words of my cousin M when he requested me to take this photo of him while they were on a “summer” vacation here in the Philippines. Besides this tropical one was once their called home before they emigrated to the maple country.

He was excited about this trip together with the rest of his siblings. There was quite a hurdle before this island hopping adventure was pushed through. One of them suffered gastrointestinal, or something like that, so as a precaution and not to disrupt the mood of a relaxing vacation, the need to cancel it was done. 

And so when all things and everyone was sound. The great tropical adventure for them happened. I was there to witness how they were so happy and just wanted to see one of nature’s best creation. I, too want to see painted on their faces that feeling of being close to nature, and especially get to feel the sun, sand and sea. Tempered in a gloomy, cold and sometimes freezing weather, at least they have the taste again of what it’s like to live in the tropics.

Who knows maybe someday they would return and decide to leave here.

This cousin M of mine is cool and he was just quiet, never involving in the entire trip. I just thought that maybe he was taking all it in. Enjoying his vacation. He might have left some things unfinished there at the maple place but I think he knows what to do and I let him knew that I am with them and really just want to see them groove on this moment.

After I took this photo of him I didn’t look at the review to whether see if it was a perfect shot or not. I carefully put down my camera and took a walk along the island’s limestone lined edifice and found a spot where I languidly floated. With my sunnies on, I looked up and relish the moment.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

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