WPC: Focus

I would like to give credits to my youngest brother for taking this photo of this minute beach critter. He’s more of a Twitter and Facebook person unlike me who lounges and spends an amount of time reading and checking out blogs for ideas, inspirations and  just to relearn somethings. That’s why I decided to post these photos for this challenge. To give appreciation to his point of view and to encourage him too on this new-found interest that I am into. Really. My amazement on how this critter looks couldn’t get me over.

We are travel companions for this trip together with our Aunt, Uncle and cousins. He was the one handling my digital camera and taking photos of the getaway as much as he can. We were like amateur ones documenting our cousins beach moments.

When I took a review of the photos and then I saw these, we saw these, we were all like smiles and noisily talking with each other, not minding who was talking first about our moments with it. That’s how we got so attached with this critter. My cousins were asking me on the why’s and how’s of this beach creature and inasmuch that I was informed by National Geographic Channel, I think I was able to give them answers, factual answers. My cousin E can’t help but tease me again on how my alter ego is resurfacing again. Then we burst into laughs at the shore.

My youngest brother have this energy in him that sometimes I find quite confusing, there’s that happy side and one moment you can’t even lay your hands on his back to give him a pat. He’s so moody. Unpredictable.

But as a travel companion, I love his company. He’s reliable and so curious of what’s around him that you’re tempted too to see or experience it in your own.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus


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