WPC: Sea



What kind of emotions does the sea or ocean make you feel?

The sea makes me alive and relive my senses. I feel like I am with nature. Maybe I could say that I can live my entire life near the sea. The moment I smell the sea breeze, I really don’t know that sudden change of me being drawn to take a look at it. The sea always make me fall to a trance, it never fails every time.


Do you remember the first time you went in the water?

I asked my mum when was the first time I was brought to the beach and she told me that maybe I was just a 1-year-old toddler. It was summer time and just right after the wedding of my uncle, her brother. I wasn’t fussy about touching the water, never crying about the heat from the sun and the sands. She added that I was even enjoying the sunglasses my uncle put on me, though still big for my face I am wearing it like a grown-up and posed in time for a souvenir shot. Mum told me that we have a copy of that picture. I’ll look for it and share it next time.


Had a wave crash on you?

I don’t really like waves. I did get used to it when I learned to float and dog swim. I didn’t take any swimming lessons but I was able to brave one foot high waves when I was in 6th grade. I, twin sis, her other BFFs and the rest of her family road tripped to one of the nearest beach in our province. That’s the first time I experienced waves like those and I was bobbing my head, a bit panicky in gasping for air whenever it came crashing down on us. One of twin sis’ older cousins taught me to jump when the waves were coming or swim under it. I did follow his advice and cool as it is, I jumped for joy. Since then, I am a bit loving the waves. I am wanting to even try surfing now.


Felt the sand burn your feet?

Yeah. I would run as fast as I can after getting out of the water to seek the shade of a beach hut. My feet are like being pricked with needles that’s how it feels. Whew! My toes are easily toasted. When it’s warm some would bury their feet into it. They say that it’s good to improve blood circulation aside from the relaxing effect.


Do you feel more peaceful around water?

Yes, I do feel more peaceful around water. The lapping of it on a sandy shore, the crashing on a rocky island, or the rushing on the stones creates that calming background. I am not sure but I think the mere sound of a flowing water has a falling-into-a-trance effect. Oriental beliefs are so evident with this peace it brings to a human body and soul.


Do you hate the beach?

I love the beach. I will always love the beach.


What’s the most interesting thing about the sea for you?

Since the sea contains salt, I easily float and buys me more time in looking up in the blue sky. Cloud bumming. With my shades on it’s peace in the moment, indeed.


  1. brother, I am happy that your blog is finding its niche. Well, niche may seem an inappropriate word but you get my point, right? hehehe.. I’m so cork-witted. Forgive me. I envy your past get-aways. 😦

    Umakstra pa kami ni bitot..hehehe…


    1. twin sis, thank you. Niche is the right word, I tell you. πŸ˜‰ Don’t envy me, instead be inspired and be prepared always to get-away. You now have travel companions that you can tag along anytime. I’m proud to see when Zak would have his first adventure somewhere. Hehe! Save-up or maybe his ninong would just gift him that someday. LOL!

      I love that photo of you two. It seem to fit somehow in the storytelling part. Variety.


      1. And I’m going to print this photo that you took. I’m crossing my fingers about Zak’s little escapade with us soon. When you have a toddler, you seem to become frugal about traveling. Yup, I’m betting on that too – that his ninong will spoil him. hehehe.. btw, come back to Manila, I have a special Japanese Resto that I want us to try. πŸ™‚


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