pressing and sands in my pocket

It is September 2013. My first entry to this blog site was September 2011. I would like to think that I have come a long way building this. I started with two posts and after that it was a whirlwind trip with WordPress.

It took me 6 months before I was able to publish my next post. I think I have had too much of a writer’s block. Hehe! Seriously, I don’t know what happened to me at that span of time. I do have the resources but I just can’t write. My twin sis (not in real life) did a lot of encouragement and even made me envious of how her blog’s getting more posts.

I was hesitant at first. What would I write? What should I tell my readers? I don’t want to bore them with my life and all that jazz. I tell you I have a boring life. I even ask her (twin sis) to help me get through it since she’s the one who pushed me to start this blogging thing and all this WordPress world.

. . .

I remembered signing up in a blog hosting site, not WordPress, when I was still in college but I forgot my username so too with the password and I set aside it till its death online. I was keeping a journal that time and I am not in my comfort to tell my musings to anyone.

Internet that time was getting raves and popular to Friendster only.

I would stay late at night writing in my journal that I learned to let go of. It didn’t go into missing as to what I am saying with my previous posts. And wanting to post a piece of me whatever the date stamp of it. Throwback posts would make sense then.

. . .

My first post talked about food, a little bit of my family and so of my Grandma. Ending it with how much I missed her. I felt happy about it, being able to finally click on that publish button.

I felt happy too that since that September I am more proud of how I was able to start sharing a piece of me. Not for my eyes only but for those on the wire that may chance upon this site. I was glad to share my thoughts, photos and that selfie voice. At first I felt I wasn’t connecting. It also dawned on me what I really want to make out of this blog.

Last year, I pushed me to at least post once a month and I was able to crawl out of it. I wasn’t really rooting of being Freshly Pressed or gaining hits, views and growing my followers which is the whole objective of WordPress. I was more into posterity, keeping memoirs and making this as a platform not of my whole life though but to leave a mark at least to anyone that might dropped by, followed and or liked my me post.

Inasmuch I make sure that when I compose I want to fully immerse my self into it. There’s a lot of things WordPress shared about how you will get around the blogosphere. Honestly, I read and would read it again whenever I visit my reader.

. . .

WordPress changed a lot of me. A lot has changed from the way I browse and spend time clicking links in the world-wide web. I found myself lounging in front of my laptop with more WordPress sites in different colors, fonts and highlights.

My eyes were opened to more inspiration, ideas, new learning and all that glory. All because of WordPress.

There I found my voice to say the least and stick to my tagline:

stories, likes, interests and fascination about life and all its glory


I think, I would like to think that I have touched some in terms of stories, these stories about me, my family, my childhood, my time in school and places I’ve been to. The likesinterest and fascination; all of these are inside my stories and that completes the story about me and me inside this world.

. . .

I am elated. Since last year I dreamed of traveling. I was able to cover some kilometers, airplanes, boats and buses. But I was never really a wanderer. I have company, with either family or friends.

I just make sure to find my me time to take it all in about these places I’ve been.

I have learned to do it through WordPress, through the blog sites I liked, followed or just “tambay” (Filipino word for hang-out) while checking my emails and or reviewing my photos.

I thank WordPress (and my likers, followers and visitors) for keeping me alive, for keeping this I now consider my me online journal. I am more inspired to keep up. I want my future me, future little me’s, family and friends to read all of these remembering and getting lost down memory lane just like what I had while buried on the couch watching TV;

when I put my hand inside my pocket I felt sands then I begin time traveling in my mind how did it get in, how come it wasn’t washed off when I dipped again in the sea. Or maybe I might have sat down at the shores with my cousin, or my brother or my friend and threw sand at my back. I don’t know. I am not sure. 

I maybe laughing, got pissed and or might have avenged my peace. Definitely avenged my peace.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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