W P C : I n s i d e


DSC06671When our ears suddenly caught an unusual sound or shriek or thud our sense of hearing is lured to curiosity of what could be that thing or is someone out there.

We stop or become stationary for a moment and listen well, to validate if we really heard something or someone. We listen. We wonder where could that be coming from, outside or inside, inside imagination.

When we listen well, our senses are heightened to its most sensitive level. Recently, I stayed for 4 days at a coastal community here in our province of CamSur. It was a quaint coastal town. It was my first there and I just can’t pass the invite by my friend since it was surrounded by sea. I love the sea. I will always love the sea. Lifestyle there is very different from my hometown though I am not anymore shocked of what to really expect of coastal communities here in my province. I wanted to watch my favorite TV series but there’s no cable TV. I forgot to bring my Ipod so I am stuck with the sound of the wind, birds’ chirp, a loud radio from a nearby house, children playing outside the patio, critters’ shrieks, my friends sudden laughs and the sound of the wind.

These consisted the playlist all throughout my stay there. Added was the sea waves lapping along the beach. But nothing more.

This “open area” playlist I have enqueued inside my mind kept me to my feet. Indeed it was a quaint town where townsfolk are accommodating and quiet. Quoting the archbishop, getting inside this town is a bumpy ride but reveals a paradise.


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