WPC: Saturated

Buttered Potato Marble and Pasta in Olive Oil with Garlic and Ham

Yeah, I took this photo last March 2013. It was Easter Sunday.

I learned these recipes from two best of friends of mine. On the left, it was called Buttered Potato Marble and on the right, Pasta in Olive Oil with Garlic and Ham. I remembered cooking this with just a slight hangover from the night before of merriment; a birthday and laughter altogether. I sure was saturated with booze. Peace. [I drink occasionally.] I don’t want to elaborate more. All I can say was it was the best drink night ever because it was a night of riot proportions in terms of laugh trips and friends. They were a lot. It was like high school when someone would invite “My parents gone for the weekend so let’s party at my place”. It was pretty much like that.

Going back, I think it is pretty much saturated. I got few hues over there and it was quite a striking photo, not that it’s evidently a food porn. One could saturate-ly think how these taste and or maybe wanting to email me for the recipe. So who could really not turn one’s head over this, eh?

I felt happy seeing this again and how I was reminded of what made me cook this. My mum didn’t cook anything so I felt guilty of having to spend the night drinking with friends and on an Easter Sunday she won’t get to chill and just lay around, doing nothing. So I had this. I cooked these. It was a menu in mind that I will cook just for Easter 2013.

I think I made mum happy about it as well as my brothers but they were hesitant in trying it out. It was not my usual spaghetti and french fries. It all turned out that they need to have an acquired taste for the parsley. I admit we’re not really into that kind of herb and spice thing.

Happy cooking to you bloggers!  It’s my pleasure cooking this challenge for you all. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated



    1. Hi Jenna!

      Thanks for checking out my post. Well, this “buttered potato marble” is so simple to do.
      First, gather your ingredients:
      potato marble or baby potatoes
      minced garlic
      olive oil
      chopped parsley

      How to’s:
      1. Randomly cut in half the potatoes. Leave some whole. (For texture)
      Boil baby potatoes until fork tender. You could add a pinch of salt while it’s boiling.
      2. Drain it. Put it on your desired serving dish. Add in the garlic, olive oil, butter,
      and squeeze some lemon. The heat from the potatoes will melt the butter so continuously mix the
      potatoes. So as to infuse the aroma of garlic too.

      (Adjust to your taste the amount of butter, olive oil and garlic. I used 1/4 kilo of potatoes for this recipe and I seasoned it to my liking. Just make sure not to make it saturated with all those oils and fats from olive oil and butter. Enough to coat only.

      To happy cooking!



      1. You’re welcome. Yeah it’s really simple. Enjoy! I’m going to check your blog too and I think I would love to try the recipes you shared there.


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