Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Magandang Umaga!“, that’s how we say Good Morning in Filipino. From the Bicol province where I came it’s totally a different Filipino version, rather we say: “Maray na ramrag!“. It all boils down to saying the greetings, Good Morning! There, just saying. It’s a trivial piece and I am happy to share.

How do I really start my morning? Well, with this:


this is my typical morning ritual, a glass drink of water. I prefer cold. Just before my trip to the bathroom to wash my face and  take a leak, I would grab a glass in the cupboard and serve myself a drink. Sometimes I would just get it directly from the faucet. It’s a cold tap water. It’s safe, I tell you. My hometown has the smallest water concessionaire company in the province, I think and they produce still the safest drinking water. Kudos to them.

I am doing this morning habit for quite some time now. Maybe it was during my early college years that I started drinking a glass of water in the morning instead of coffee, juice, tea or milk. Just water. It really wasn’t an instant decision then to observe this ritual. I got this idea from a health book my mum bought and brought home from her school. I read from there that water intake in the morning has a lot of good effects to offer for the human body. Since then I’ve never stopped nor skipped doing it.

Even before I read that, I learned from my elementary Science class about drinking 8-12 glasses of  water daily. Which I always did but not right after waking up in the morning. Points were taken that it helps the body replace fluids lost from bodily excretions like sweating or urinating. It also aids in the digestion process and keeping us hydrated thus a good skin will become radiant and supple. Whew! That’s what I call “stock” knowledge. I’ve always liked Science. Luckily, my teachers then were hell-sure smart and approachable.

Having said that, the health book refreshed my memory about the benefits of drinking water, a glass to be exact, after getting off the bed. Same points were raised from what I have learned in my elementary Science. To expound, I will just add that the night after we fell asleep, our body doesn’t stop from churning and working, restoration and back ups are happening inside us. Seriously, it’s my alter ego, the Science Geek here speaking. Okay, soon as we woke up in the middle of the night,or the morning after feeling thirsty, that’s a sign that we lack water and serving ourselves to quickly quench it benefits our body system, especially our metabolism and circulatory organs.

So there you have it. I’ve also learned from my Grandma to drink water before going to bed. She said so that I will not have bad dreams.  Today, I’m still puzzled where did she get the idea. I haven’t had the time yet to Google if it really has the benefits of killing those monsters and bad guys in my dreams which I rarely have. Try to check on it guys and send your comments.

I will always say Good Morning, Water! I think, Good Morning, H2O! sounds cool. So drink up guys. Water is cheap and you could never go wrong with it, from tap, mineral, alkaline to distilled, pick your choice! Be careful with your tap though, make sure it’s clean.



What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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