Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

It was a different kind of sunset that I have seen and experienced. It was obvious, it isn’t the usual sunset everyone gets to see with the sun bowing at the horizon. This kind of sunset I witnessed while I was on a boat. It was after our supposed island hopping adventure but since we’re pressed for time Father P decided for us to head home before it gets dark. We just had a joyride at the sea. This ride was a part of my “open area” playlist. Nature’s playlist to be exact.

This place I am talking about is situated here in my province of Camarines Sur. This coastal town is named Siruma. It was my first time to come here and I stayed at this place for four days at the company of my friend and her family. The parish convent was my home throughout my stay here. Why the convent? Because my dear friend B’s brother is the newly installed parish priest of the town. I’m part of the guest of Father P. It was another humbling experience for me seeing how people live at this side of the province.


This sunset I adored was shot using my 2-MP camera phone. It was technically my mum’s new phone but she doesn’t have the patience to try to learn the ticks and clicks of it so it landed on my hands.

Truly this is an infinite moment. I would always wonder the vastness of the sea, when will I reach the end of that horizon and when moments like this comes, time just stands still for me. I can’t take my eyes off looking at the play of diffused colors. Like a toddler’s eyes glued in front of the TV when Tom and Jerry pop out the tube wrecking havoc of a cat and mouse chase.

While seated, this spot where I took this shot is where big waves are evident and I can’t help myself to tighten my grip on the boat’s side. I redirected my view and stared at it completely and my adrenaline went on a lowdown. I felt saved.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite


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