a four day jaunt

A four-day jaunt full of glimpses, starting from home, to waves, sea, sun and sands.

IMG_4372I embarked on this adventure prepared because it was actually giving in to an invite by my dear friend B whose priest brother will be installed as the new parish priest of the poblacion. I was enthralled to reach the place because I know it would be an additional to my where I’ve been spots and I was fortunate to get this trip for free. Yes, free food and all. I don’t have to hassle myself and burn my pockets but of course I did something for them to repay their gratitude in accommodating me. I gave in to their favor to be an official photographer during the mass and cover the installation ceremony led by the new archbishop.

61x74IO6dNLIt was my first time doing something like that. Though I am used to documenting occasions but to really see myself capturing moments,  it is something I am anxious of because there would be expectations. And I just don’t believe in expectations. You got to work what you really got to work. I just thought it was normal to feel like that. Besides I have had those shares of doubts in me because I am not really a pro, just a hobbyist amateur and all. So I put into mind that this is more like taking shots of my family and close friends and really have fun capturing those moments that they could look back.

It was just recent that I am into photography and everything about it. I am even looking out for The Daily Post on the craft of photography always to make it my backbone. I am still learning, hungry of information on how to better myself and soon land that pro. So since I have the gadgets to start with I did try spreading myself not too thinly though but enough to be able to apply these learning.

And what’s good about giving in to this favor was I get to practice my shots and challenge myself of the pointers on the craft of photography not the whole thing about it but inasmuch as I can I try to go about it.

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