happy birthday, mama!

clockwise: bro Ralph, our dearest MUM, me, the pizza and bro Emil

clockwise: bro Ralph, our dearest MUM, me, the pizza and bro Emil


That’s what we address her. Her name resounds and reverberates the entire household everyday ever since she brought us up into the world. Now that we’re grown ups, calling her in no time, with no reason sometimes annoys her to the point of her making a scolding then my two youngest brothers would crack in laughter.

Ma, it’s just a way to make “lambing” to you. To validate your presence. To let us know that you are there, doing okay. 

She’s the greatest mum we have in the entire world. She’s the most loving, selfless, encouraging, supportive, responsible and strongest, strongest woman we ever met in our entire existence here on earth. We couldn’t trade the world’s combined riches for her sacrifices and love showered to us.

Ma. you’re simply the best! You’re a super woman.

* * *


Happy Birthday to you!

Your age seem not to fit you in, really. But I want you to be healthy and still be strong to enjoy our treats and givebacks to you. I always pray to God for that and to the rest of our family.

Remember, you will always have our backs. What good are these to be given to us four boys if we couldn’t carry you? I’m sure that we’ll put to good use those things you constantly remind us about everything. Promise! Try to be more patient. Keep it slow sometimes, we could pace with you.

We LOVE you so much.


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