Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

When we got here, there were only few campers and the beach area wasn’t that crowded compared to Anawangin. I really liked this cove. You seem to have that feeling of a survivor because you have the whole island for yourself, for your discovering and exploration.

Sunrise over Nagsasa Cove, Pundakit, Zambales

Sunrise over Nagsasa Cove, Pundakit, Zambales

With the mountain range serving as the shore’s backdrop it impressed me much that I only got a few shots of it. I just took it all in, commune with it like I would say often. The hilly side of it is really near and anyone could trek it. Inasmuch that I wanted to, we’re pressed for time that morning because the group wanted to see the lighthouse and I forgot the name of that island where we had our last pit stop before heading for the shore of San Antonio.

Oh, now I remembered it. It’s called Capone’s island. The sands were white and littered with seaweeds and garbage, The water was quite a challenge to swim into. Nevertheless, it was a good island for beach bumming.

I enjoyed the boat ride. I felt relaxed. I was seated in front, no seatmate so I have the entire space to stretch my legs and took in the vast West Philippine sea on my left and cliffs and mountain ranges on my right.

Then I looked up at the sky. It was bright and the sun’s ray, pierced through the boat’s old tarpaulin shade, kissed my face, turning me red and my eyes glinting from the glare. I smiled and wished to come back here.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon



  1. I still had the opportunity to see Anawangin at its pristine state before the place got crowded…but haven’t seen Nagsasa Cove…I should make it a point to visit the place before the place lose its charm!!!


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