Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

eerie 2

Eerie. That’s what I blurted out when I reviewed this photo taken during my summer trip with friends to Zambales. I made it clear to them that I will just be shooting and I won’t let them review the snapshots to save on battery though I have a spare one. It’s a valid reason too not to taint my point of view by them since they do have all the tendencies to delete photos when they find themselves in an awkward, or weird pose.

Well, I am the only one calling the shots and they’re my subjects, at least my mere subjects in front of the camera. Haha! I enjoyed every second I directed and put them on queue for that awesome beach shots.

So take a look again. I bet this is just one of the few photos that really needs, I think, a second shot to clear out the eeriness. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


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