Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

weekly photo challenge layers

It was one of the limestone walls forming the Crystal Cave, from its name, obviously it means shining like a crystal. But it doesn’t feel alive to me like the ones I see in National Geographic really glistening and charming with life of the underworld. It felt like a bunker ready to bury me alive, nonetheless it was good to see a cave and be able to go spelunking in the sense of doing it.

My last experience with caves was when I was in my 5th grade during a field trip to my nearby province of Albay. It was called Hoyop-hoyopan Cave. It was bigger than this Crystal Cave. It was called such because when you enter the cave, a swooping and whistling sound greets you, much like a wind. Indeed, wind is present inside then creating that whistling sound because the end of the cave opens to a ravine where the wind freely enters the nooks and crannies of that cave. It felt awesome but I wasn’t able to spend time looking at its limestone formations because there’s a long line of troopers behind me. I think the whole elementary level of my school had that field trip then.

On realizations about caves, its impact on me was it speaks about time and life. Layers upon layers of minerals come settling down inside mountains or hills or limestone islands and time after time it produced these shapes and forms of hardened sediments. I always knew that caves are cool and wet inside because water does all the thing in bringing these minerals from the ceiling down at the cave floor, voila, stalagmites and stalactites at its best and thus it is teeming with life, from crawly critters to the freaky frightening bats. I experienced freaking out with bats and I don’t like bats from that day onward.


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