Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected


Unexpected reaction from one of my god sons. His name’s Zak. I am fond of him. While we were seated at Shakey’s for dinner, I slowly handed to him the fork with a sliced cucumber at the tip and when he saw it coming towards him. Bam! He covered his face not paying attention to that piece of french fries in his hand. I was entertained by the way he peek at the fork. Not letting his eyes stray away as if it was a green monster ready to eat him.

Hey I’m calling out to Zak’s mum and daddy. Vegetables are good and please train him to eat those green leafy things of life. Peace. I love you, Zak’s mum and daddy.

I am a godfather for real now. I have these two adorable god sons that came crashing on my single life and really made me think how a godfather should be played. I tried googling about it but it just strained my eyes reading a ton of things on how to become a godfather. I stopped in an instant and just kept on my own thinking that I’ll be their god dad much to the likes of me being a friend of their parents, being there in all ways I can.

I then considered this as another feather added on my hat and it felt awesome seeing these kids grow and knowing that I have at least part to play in rearing and imparting values to them aside from their parents.

I feel lucky and honored to be considered for this job of being a god dad. Thank you my friends for trusting me. It made me appreciate and value more the friendship I have with you, their parents. A reminder for them too that I will always stand by here whenever they would need my help from here on.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected



  1. This photo is sooo cute twin brother 🙂 thank you! And we made the right decision of appointing you as Zak’s god dad.

    We are trying so hard for him to like the greenies. Good thing he loves fruits. 😀 That should do it for the mean time.


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