Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

weekly photo challenge let there be light

Let there be light! Honestly as of the moment if I am at my hometown I would scream at the top of my lungs for everyone to hear this message! Yes, my family back home have been enduring an Earth Hour multiplied into 6 days of complete darkness and these candles are the one giving off that glow in our house when the night’s come down.

I am here at the metro enjoying the lights. All the kinds of light source lit across anywhere. With the obvious Christmas holidays at hand, decorative lights play on the houses, lamp posts, posh malls and avenues and anywhere you turn your eyes, ah there are flickering lights! I pity my hometown now. Though a great amount of carbon footprints have been saved from my place since the blackout but the quality of the lives there just aren’t what you’ll wish to experience in the future.

Let there be light! One of these candles I lit it last November 1 to pay respects to my departed relatives and I didn’t come home that time to be with my family in commemorating the All Soul’s Day. I settled with this candle at my apartment and said a little prayer for all of them, anywhere they are.

Anyway, I am with high hopes that as Christmas Day comes closing in there will be light in my hometown. I envy the provinces affected by Typhoon Haiyan starting to glow in the night with the restoration of power supply unlike in my place where power supply is in abundance but the outage was due to some hard-headed and inconsiderate leaders. I pray that may light shine upon them, so much so that they may think clearly and settle.

Let there be light. .and peace!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!


  1. We had a hurricane here several years ago and were out of power for several days. We watched area after area around us have their power restored and finally we got ours back. We all cheered when the power trucks came at last.


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