Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand


I took this photo last July, while waiting at the dock for the cargo vessel that will carry the bus, on our way to Caramoan Islands. We were so early at the dock that it wasn’t opened yet and it was pitch dark and my cousins who came here for a vacation from Canada were all so beat getting up early but we’re very much excited to enjoy the sea, the sands and the sun.

I do experience sunrise every morning since our house greets at it on a daily basis but I never get the chance to really look at it, peeking, simmering pink, orange, yellow, red and blue hues unfolding before your eyes. I love sunrise. I am in a trance looking at it, soaking in it at this magic hour. The calm sea and its humid breeze just re-energizes me every time. I love the sea too.

I so love looking at it, just quiet, just magnificent till the sun rays burst at the horizon then  it warm your cheeks and that signals me to grab that breakfast by the beach and settle at the view.

Ah! Grand.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand


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