Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

With my love for the sea seeing its beauty in the blue surface isn’t enough for me. I am fascinated and interested to explore underwater and get to meet Nemo fish-nally. I am still thinking about of learning how to go diving with gears. It’s one of my adventures that I would want to experience and I told myself that I will save some money for the training and licensing.

I’ve always been entertained with National Geographic’s underwater explorations especially the coral reefs. I even dream of grabbing that chance to see the Great Barrier Reef. The Best Job In The World, after seeing the documentary that’s what inspired me more to see the underwater world and all that diversity in it.

Well let me share with you these photos I took when I accompanied my cousins to Manila Ocean Park. Honestly, I am not so into seeing animals in captivity. Maybe I’m watching too much of Nat Geo Channel but really I am not that excited to see it going crazy around cages, tanks, aquariums and whatever kind of box they put them into. I just thought crazy because maybe they are having cabin fever being kept differently from their natural habitat.

On the contrary, it is so relaxing to look at fishes swimming round and round those tanks. Little troopers would knock the acrylic panel, I smiled, after seeing their faces full of ooh’s and wow’s whenever a fish or two would swim by. Somehow I am relieved to know that this man-made ocean park has its own purpose and putting smiles on kids’ faces is one of that I guess.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


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