one and joy

Happy 2014!

Looking back, the last two weeks of December I was hushed and completely forgotten to share something for the weekly photo challenges. It was two weeks of highs and lows. Highs in the sense that I get so excited celebrating Christmas and lows to the point that I missed the photo challenges and I just didn’t find time to sit in front of my computer, sift through my archive of photos and share it to you.

I was on a lowdown too after Christmas day because of lack of sleep. This is an obvious consequence for me every year that I celebrate it with my family and friends. Even before the holidays come I’m having a hard time sleeping when the clock strikes at 10 PM. That’s what I conditioned myself and try to stick to it but nothing happened with it. I just looked up at the clock and pay no attention whatever the time it says.

I will share this clock watching of my Christmas and New Year experiences on a different post. Better watch out for it.

In consolation, I am posting my entries for the last two weeks’ photo challenges; One and Joy.

My heart can’t contain the guilt not to share these photos and after the many parties and reunions I’ve been to it is time to reconnect again with this blog.

*  *  *



It was raining quite hard. I’ve missed the cold rain on my skin but I still didn’t go out. I picked my camera and position myself in the veranda. I was trying to shoot the droplets, pushing the capacity of my point and shoot. I put it on an auto mode and I’m fixated at the focus because it always goes into macro even if I am not directing at a close range. I gave it a rest and stopped shooting. I continue to observe the rain and how the road slowly dips into the rush of rainwater on its uneven surface like little basins being filled with water.

I turned right towards an adjacent door connecting our house to my uncle’s and saw this. It struck me. One lone chair drenched in rain water. With its curve acting as a basin catching the droplets. I felt for the chair. When it rains I always get under it, under the weather as you put it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

*  *  *



When we converge we couldn’t get enough of smiles and laughter while passing time or just talking things through about each of our lives over some potato chips, soda or sometimes we potluck for just a simple dinner.

Two of my closest friends, B and Z never cease to inflate me with their wit and funny stories then bursting me into a hearty laugh all the time. So too with our friend E that is oozing with so much happy vibes that creates a very infectious laugh among us, making us gasp for air sometimes. Definitely burns some hundreds of my calories. And I love it.

This happened on our veranda after Christmas while preparing for our Senior High Class Annual Party and they were inflating the balloons and I was wrapping the tokens. E blurted her usual antics and they all laughed on it. With my camera on hand, I shoot at Z because I remembered not having her picture taken for this year’s holidays.

I’m glad I have my camera with me and did click away to capture this scene.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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