5 Things I’ve Learned About My 2O+* years old Self

Age is just a number but for some it is a benchmark of so many things about what has happened with their lives. At every notch they would associate on how they’ve done and surpassed things that came along, where they went to, or when they had their best moment in life. Well for me age is really a number and I would like to share what makes me tick now and what I am seeing of where I should be onto, take that bus or just watch it pass by. I want the former now. This is my now.

num 1

My family will always have my back  Especially my mother ever since day one that I decided to work at the big city. She assured me that she’ll extend all the help I would need and second to her would be my elder brother. I can only say so much of him, just because I could never imagine his sacrifice for us and the rest of my siblings. I must admit I am financially dependent on him till these days. I can never thank you enough for all the help and understanding you’ve shown me.

num 2

Close friends have my back too I’ve realized and will keep on saying this out that I have kept a short list of friends but they are definitely not the least but dear ones. I’ve long earned their trust and have accepted help from them without expecting in return. I’d still feel I need to give credit to them for all these unconditional friendship love they give me. I will make it up to you. For now, in every ways I can, I will be your on-call company.


num 3I enjoy bus rides Riding the bus I think is an innate comfortable thing in me. I don’t know what’s with this bus riding bug. But I always find myself soaking in every ride. I like the feel of the wind on my face. I like being seated on a window seat, remember?  Feeling the wind isn’t sometimes possible if I’m on an air-conditioned bus or if it’s pouring hard that I have to pull down that window. Still I would want to see outside and look for landmarks to tell what town or city I am passing through or going at. Be it an hour or 12 hour bus ride, I always endure and buys me time  to think of things, a lot of things. Of course, I also find time to get some sleep. Most of the travels I’ve done so far commuting by bus never goes out of my transportation options.

num 4I want to relive my creative self I am still on a battle with my self on how am I going to relive that creative roots of me. Well for now photography grounds me again at having a different point of view on varied subjects or what not that I see around. I always believed that I have that appreciation for beauty and the arts ever since when I am on my nursery school days. Part of our daily exercises is coloring, I score high among my classmates for cleanliness and of course the art flair. I can already put quite a shading on a simple banana or mango drawing and hit on the spot a bright yellow for it always and green for its leaves. From sketching to card making and all things in between I’ve done it. Even like gift wrapping I think I have the eye of a tiger in letting it roar and make the receiver melt with my thoughtfulness.  But I want to give painting a shot really. I’ve never done one.

num 5Focus and be positive If I were to be gauged of my success I am nowhere near to some of my colleagues. Career wise, I’m still struggling on what do I really want and indecisive to what I want to make out of it. Is it? Not really but I’m doing something now. I don’t know how I ended up at this phase. What I just think of is I am haunting myself with so many baggage I’m supposed to disposed of long time. It was only me the whole time that’s wrecking havoc on all of these struggles. So I need to consider nos. 1 and 2 to fuel me every time I stumble. In more ways than one they are my anchor to sanity.

*I’m 22, not really. It’s my focused self then so I want to relive that energy.



What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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