Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

While I was checking my emails this morning, my messenger aside was busy exchanging with my twin sis C.

And she said; “WordPress photo challenge is beautiful, huh. Hehe!”
She added; “Family. Hehe!”
I replied; “Yes, it is beautiful. I am inspired. Hehe!”

I didn’t tell her that I’ve already knew since Sunday afternoon. She’ll understand, because I do have the luxury of an internet connection here at our house so WP updates come handy for me. Anyhow, when I saw the challenge indeed I was inspired. I even tried looking for a photo of me and my Grandpa so I can post it here. To my frustration, from flipping a hundred photos in the box I labeled “Old Photos”, I didn’t find the photo I was looking for.

I tried looking at the photo albums but none of it was posted or at least inserted on its pages. Nothing. I found nothing. I regret not keeping it when I saw it before my mom decided to solely de-clutter our bunk-styled room upstairs. I was disappointed at her. I am hoping that she just put it away with some random things.

I will scour the storage boxes up there just to be sure I haven’t lost that photo of my Grandpa. Fingers crossed. And write another post about it only if I find it.

*  *  *

Me, Aunt N, Grandma, Bro N, Grandpa, Aunt E, Uncle C

Me, Aunt N, Grandma, Bro N, Grandpa, Aunt E, Uncle C

This is just one of the hundreds of photos my family has saved and collected over time. I grew up to an extended family. Our family lived within reach of grandma, grandpa, aunties and uncle. Early on I was exposed to a lot of authority so fairly I was a bit spoiled, Mom said.

With the changes of tides, some members of our family goes in and out of the house. Seeking a living out-of-town and building a family of their own. I’ve learned to say goodbye with that. I’ve learned to let go. I would just wish that someday they’ll come back. And when they do, the long dinner table would be fairly set. Homemade cuisines and overflowing drinks surely will make that reunion a blast.

Fast forward.

Grandpa and Grandma already passed away years ago. My aunts and uncle are still within my reach. Uncle C lives adjacent to our house with his own family too. My aunt N is living with another aunt of mine, their sister. My aunt E now lives in Canada with her family.

From spoiled attention during my childhood to changing tides, I have always been inspired by family starting from the time I have realized why they are in my life. I am inspired up to this days that having a family connotes a bright, big and cozy house. I’m lucky to have been sheltered to a beautiful house.

My own family also experienced so many changing tides. Even a tsunami like impact. Through time it toughened me up on saying goodbye and letting go too.

So for now, my family is mom and my brothers. We’ve seen a lot of better days now. We’re happy and contented. And I am fully aware, conscious that every family needs to be strong for each other even when its foundation come crashing down. Each strenght of the members will cement that cracks or if not, they can help in rebuilding it.

To more FAMILY posts!


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