Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

I have always been fascinated to explore places ever since I was tagged along by anyone in the family. Be it a simple walk to the wet market, to the grocery, to the farm which needs a lot of commuting, transferring from a bus to a jeep to a tricycle.

Riding the tricycle was terrifying at times. You’ll feel the wind on your face as it speeds on the road. You can’t help but close your eyes or just put on a squinting look to see the vast greenery. The rice fields with carabaos and white herons hitch hiking on its backs.

When the time came that I have had the liberty to see and explore on my own the bigger places aside from my hometown, I seized that moment and took in as much as I could.

Like the twig who knows how it got into the beach shore. Was it brought here by the wind, by someone, by an animal? I am not really sure how it got there too but my attention was poked by it, making my finger itch to take a photo of it. It was just laying on this sandy shore that early summer morning, while I was strolling, waiting, for the sun to come up behind the mountain range just few meters away from where my friends and I made camp.

Luckily it served me well  while I was laying too on the sand.

Maybe if it has leaves attached to it I could tell what kind of plant or tree it was. I have shared quite a lengthy summer trips with my paternal Grandma to the farm. She taught me how to tell one tree from the other. I realized too that because of her my fascination to science and all that fuss increased. I enjoyed my Biology class then. Given that I have already the advantage with the floras because of her.


Now, like that twig detached from the branch and taken to a beautiful spot where it was dropped or left, I want to be like it but with firm feet to go to that beautiful spot. And continue to live passionately, laugh and make my dreams come true.



What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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