Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

There are times when having dinners with your circle of friends could be daunting ending in likely to be just a plain meeting. You get to realize at one point that these dinners would never have happened if no one agreed to it or no one is looking forward to seeing someone in the group.

As I put it I have come to realize too that when some of your friends start to build their families, are going on a steady relationship with someone talking about houses and business ventures, or going through something on what they want in life for the both of them you get to see that sometimes having the time for yourself is calmly good. Peaceful indeed. You don’t get caught in a crazy web of confusion and would want to bail out at the dinner because you are going through something or nearly affected by it you mask it with sweet banter or worst sticking your head on your phone screen throughout the “dinner”.

I don’t want to be a negative worm on this ground. I just want to feel good and happy and young and doesn’t want to care about the time. And also I would want to eat some ice cream and would love to see all of my friends enjoying a cone or two.

Oh well that dinner date with my friends was the cause of having these photos taken. And rearing a child when all of his company were adults was a blast. Zak and I definitely had a great time playing copycats and just rowdy and rough. Guess, there would be someone in the group that he will likely to cling to. And that’s me. I really can’t think of anything that day. I just want to see and play with the adorrrable little guy, Zak.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes



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