[Better Late Than Never 1] WPC: Selfie


An awkward selfie taken last February 8, Saturday when I, my cousin A and her friends trekked Mt. Gulugod Baboy at Mabini, Batangas. I have this mindset to take at least one selfie at every mountain I will climb. I haven’t published my first selfie but I intend to keep still except for this one since this challenge inspired me to “expose” more a part of me and be generous to my readers to say the least so that they’ll get to know more of how I look like. Hehe!

*  *  *

I am quite a bit anti-selfie myself. I am not that shy but it’s just the thing that taking a photo of yourself I can’t ever understand. It’s a ridiculously crazy thing to do for me.

But I gave in at some point in time when my Big brother gifted me with a digital camera. I admit to starting taking photos of myself and trying to find my best angle, or smile or ugly pose. Those photos I’ve taken just stayed in my hard drive privately tucked away from my regular archives.

My Facebook account speaks the truth. Often than not those pictures of me uploaded there were shot by either of my brothers, a cousin or a friend. I can only count less than five photos I took by myself but I wasn’t alone in it. Most of it a selfie with mom. Or should I say groupie with mom.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie


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