[Better Late Than Never 2] WPC: Treasure

Surround yourself with people who believe in you.
Realize that few things are impossible.
Dream big because what have you got to lose.
-Lyra, lyricalmeanderings.wordpress.com, Surround Yourself

This is what I treasure.

This is what’s important to me, my mother and my brothers.

* * *

I took this photo of them last New Year’s Day of 2011. It was after our New Year’s dinner over pizza, chicken and pasta.

I love this photo of them and this hangs framed in our wall today.

It was that moment when our dinner conversation was about how pricey it cost compared to our home-cooked meals which I and my mother would usually prepare except for the pizza though. Mama’s kitchen is lacking of an oven so we can’t baked anything yet even we die of wanting to make one.

My Big brother blurted, “We should just have dined at home and eat some real food.” He meant of real food like seafood, our staple local veggies cooked with coconut milk and more. He missed those after working for 2 years abroad. I pointed out that we seldom dine-out together back then. At least for the sake of having a different dining ambiance we should have this dinner, I seconded.

My Big brother and I ended splitting the bill. It was a fine, fresh and fun dining experience after all for us.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure



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