Sunny Shena!

Happy Name Day!

It is not only because she is celebrating her name day today but I do have the slight guilt of not giving her the best salutation on her previous birthdays, and this post of mine seem fitting to a GREAT person like her.


She’s not my girlfriend, but she is my girl. She has been a constant companion and a true friend in my life since we were on sixth grade. The bond formed between us were like a brother and a sister. Her quirkiness suits me and I hope she of mine too. Well I think she does because up to this very day we’re still friends.

Throughout we’ve become each other’s confidante. I can still remember how many nights of our lengthy conversations about life and all that jazz spent under a tree and the stars being the silent witnesses to these it-could-not-wait-for-tomorrow chitchats.

Definitely we’ve come a long way, with how our friendship flourished and continues to ground us with each other, one thing is I am sure of that she will be an old friend that ought to stay and forever to keep.

These thoughts of mine underscore how truly she affected the lives of her friends, like this one here. The author spoke a lot of truth about her and all I can do is to share it with you throwback style.

Shena, Shena, Shena!

Sharing friendship with you taught me a lot on being tolerant to rat-packs like you. Haha!

I thank and love you heaps, Bhei!

Happy XXth Birthday to You!

To life, friendship, success and happiness. After all we have each other and it’s good to think that I have a friend-sis in you.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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