Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

fishermen in caramoan

One would think that the left side photo is showing that these fishermen are casting their nets readying to haul out the big catch for the day.

But, looking closely at the right photo it reveals that they are still on land by the shore to be exact untangling, drying and putting into a roll their fishing nets ready for the next day’s catch.

Before I took this photo, I saw them afar on the sea during the night. Well I didn’t know if they were the same men but I can see from the beach villa I’m staying their lamps all lit up like a star up in the night’s sky twinkling. Usually they go out at night-time and before the sun comes up they haul in to the shore to sell their fresh catch.

I saw and heard all of them. Fishermen, their wives and children and some traders all bargaining and bidding for buckets and buckets of fresh catch. I heard nothing but banter and short laughs. The bidding I think is done in silence, like whispers and ssh. No prices or numbers being shouted, their faces were all smirks, nods, smiles and some were face palming.

It was my last day of stay when I witnessed this. The outrigger boat that I rode on my way back to the city carried few styrofoam boxes. I know it contain the fresh catch that morning on its way to the market in the nearby busy town.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

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