Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

crawliesThese green crawlies have been a looker since my childhood rowdy days inside the house. I don’t really know what it’s called then. I even asked my mom if she knows but neither she. It’s not even a part of our garden landscape. It is our neighbor’s. It is covering their wall since I can remember. This “invasive” plant is really close to our windows because the wall of our house was built opposite their concrete fence, the wall I am referring to.

Privacy between houses is very important within the community. Especially when you have neighbors that value it so much as we do.

That kind of set up with two walls built opposite each other owned by two different persons, I am convinced that it is really a bad architecture and engineering specifically for our house. If only I can do a demolition job to restructure it I would definitely do it. But it won’t happen in this lifetime. Mom poured a lot of interior renovations already so it’s a waste to put the house down soon.

Really, it sucks up to these days not enjoying a full view of the sunrise. I am limited to the windows. These are two big windows opening to our neighbor’s garden, where this invasive crawlies continue to grow, but it only gets half of the sunlight ever since they added two stock-height of cement block on their old fence. Also, they added too a lot of plants making us suffer more with limited natural supply of Vitamin D entering our house. The advantages though are positive; (1)it gives shade, (2)provide cooler air to pass through, and (3)there are birds flying and happily chirping around the branches.

And I’m happy with that. I am not going to contend for it.



. . .



Got it. After waiting for my internet speed to pick up and reveal what my Google searched while I am writing this, the term “green crawlies” I gave it is never far to its real name. It is called a green creeper plant. Literally it creeps its way on walls. Considered a climbing plant. Best planted to cover any unsightly wall or structure in your garden or any part of the house or even the entirety of the outside wall of your house.

I hate this. Maybe if I decided to build a house in a farm I would consider planting this to creep on my house exterior walls to give it a rustic or idyllic setting because it is green and I like being close to nature. I may need to hire an industrious gardener to keep it from creeping inside the house. Just like what this one is doing.

From time to time, when it’s time to clean the jalousies we would cut it but as long as it is still alive, it will keep creeping inside or onto anything. Our electric post is once thickly covered by it until mom asked my uncle to take it out and uproot it because it will definitely crawl its way to our roof and may cause further damage.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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