Why Weekly Photo Challenges?

My Story

I started posting my photo challenges entries since July last year. I never expected that I’ll be hooked into this. It did come a long way for me and how this blog grew through this. I would like to believe that my followers increased so too with the photos I used in the challenges. It is because of this challenge too that inspired me to do good in photography. The Photography lessons presented at The Daily Post helped me a lot to be more confident, learn the tweaks here and there and even those simple editing tutorials that I enjoy the most.

At first, I was reluctant to take part in the challenge. My photos are somewhat incomparable to those photoblogs I chance upon to check and read just for inspiration and appreciation. I felt limited because my gear is but a lonesome point and shoot camera. In many ways I wish to have my own DSLR, again, at The Daily Post they’ve shared a ton of things that one need not to have the best professional camera just to own the rights of producing a good photo. That’s where I started to realize, yes, having the best gears isn’t that important, it lies on the eyes and hand of the one behind the lens. Be it a digital pocket or a smartphone or a tablet and or the endangered film cameras.


Why Really

To stop once and for all on why I go for weekly photo challenges because that is all there is that I could come up with. I mean, before I started taking part on the weekly challenges I was writing about anything. There comes a point that I am uninspired, having a setback of the mind. Having a writer’s block. But I don’t consider myself a writer. This blog is for my personal taking at first and it helped win through some of my life’s journey. While I was starting anew, trying to figure what I want for this blog I was reading a lot of other blogs. Up until today I would scour the WordPress blogosphere for anything that tickles my mind, my eyes(this usually applies to photoblogs, of course) and even my taste buds(now we’re talking).

I thought, at first, of writing about food that I like, love and part of our family dinners and occasions. More prodding was made by my twin sis(from another mother) to get into my nerves and start filling out this very blog. I did slowly creep my way to every post I would publish. Taking into consideration all the tools, guidelines and inspiration laid out by WordPress of course.

I envied this twin sis of mine for having lots of post already and writing, that’s her forte, to say the least. I am not really that confident in relishing topics, or making rants, or sharing anecdotes and or joining the Daily Prompts and Weekly Writing Challenges. I was more attracted to the photo challenges. After much prodding, the first step I did is organizing my archives and that’s how I sweep every Weekly Photo Challenges I take part in. It keeps me motivated now and as my twin sis put it, I am finding my niche.


I dig the Challenge

What I mean is I enjoy having to look and scour into my archives on what photo or photos would best suit for the week. I started editing some of my photos through those free online editing softwares. I use Pixlr and PicMonkey for now. It is so easy breezy adding filters or other touch up to my photos if necessary but what I do mostly is to sharpen my images given my limited gear such of the point and shoot.


Photo Selection Process

Weekly Challenge theme is announced every Friday and to participate, you should publish your entry before Friday the following week. For details, here.

Once I read how and what the editor expects to see in the challenge I would go back to the Reader or Freshly Pressed and get some inspiration. Or even look at my Facebook Newsfeed for more inspiration. When I say inspiration, I don’t limit my self to seeing photoblogs. I also read those writings, musings and all other personal blogs just so some thoughts will start clouding in my mind and as I try to look for photos in my archives I can tell something about it which is the usual case or format that I do. I admit to having less confidence with my writings and all of my posts that aren’t photo challenge related were inspired while I am looking or glancing back and forth at photos I found in my laptop folders, in our photo albums collecting dust or sometimes in the world-wide web that I stumble upon.


No Stopping For Me

This blog of mine has become my online journal. The notebook I’m keeping isn’t active everyday anymore. I write at it when I feel like to. In this blog I feel like to every week. I am still at that level of excitement to never miss a weekly episode of the challenge. And I dared to still post in retrospect those weeks I missed while I am limited only to my phone’s free Facebook access and nothing more for the Web besides if I go mobile my 3G handset can’t access the app of WordPress. So I make time for my luxury access now of internet while sitting like a duck at home.

Taking photos and being able to share them to a different platform aside from Facebook taught me about life, culture, personal undertakings, travels, realizations, education, family and nature and more.

So, to more Photo Challenges!



On a personal note, I’d like to share that I will no longer post albums in my Facebook. I will share a picture or two of what I’ve captured or if I am inspired by a quote or something. This will be uploaded through my Timeline only. I’ve learned that it is much better to share my photos over here. My online journal. Bottom line, someone used my photos without my consent for commercial purposes. Intentional or unintentional, even though it is published through Facebook does anyone reserves the right to just grab it without crediting or courteously asking if it be used commercially or for promotion. I don’t go for mileage. I am an amateur. I am after courtesy.



      1. Gosh, I’m not even this close to giving justice to the weekly writing challenge, Twin B! Struggling here! hehe. Naah, your photos match those with great photo blogs. Patronize your own.hehe.. But I’m not condescending. 🙂


  1. I have always believed that the best camera is the one you have. Then photograph what catches your eye. When you are looking for it, inspiration is everywhere 🙂


    1. Yes, I’d like to believe that too. It’s been with me for years and has taken a lot of pictures. And I am satisfied with its outcome. Somehow when I take pictures, there’s some point of view and composition involved now. I learned that from here at WordPress. But of course I am inspired by it first, then I’m drawn to it and lastly, take a shot at it.

      Thanks for reading too 🙂


      1. Absolutely! I believe composition is the biggest differentiator between photographers. Definitely the thing I struggle with the most!


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