How I Met My Aunt



Dearest Auntie Elsie,

Let me wish you a very happy happy birthday! I pray that you’d have the pinkest of health always, that you’d feel happy always, that you’d continue to be the great mom that you are to your family and the most beautiful aunt to me.  🙂 

I am glad to have reconnected with you. When you had your vacation last year, it didn’t only feel like a reunion to me but more of reweaving my feeling of longing and reconnection to you after years of absence on our communication line. Truly Facebook is a gift from God for bridging that gap.

I have always looked up to you because I know we share a different bond. That moment we get to hugged each other again traveled me back to my childhood memories spending it with you and I would always carry that with me. 

I thank you for the love and care you’ve shown me. 


Love, Kisses and Hugs,




Part of my early childhood days experience would not be complete without your tender loving care to me. Somehow I owe a part of you for really being my second mom. Knowing that I would expect a loving arms to hold me whenever I sit by your side or just be close at you.

I spent these childhood days of mine seeing you and forming that bond since we are living under one roof to an extended family. There are times that I would get to sleep on your bed. I love your pillows and bed covers. It is always soft, fluffy and smooth on skin. Not to mention your room smells clean and nice always. Seeing it like that, clean and organized as always made me think early on to wishing I want to have my own room too and I will keep it like yours. Even though my brothers and I share the mezzanine for our room I want our room to be clean and with fresh linens and pillow cases always.

Spending time with the company of my dearest aunt then felt always of moments of security, fun and escape. I would want to go with her to escape my mom’s and my father’s scolding or errands. I felt spoiled with her. But I heed my parents always and she would also give a piece of her authority whenever things are going over board for me.

Apart from mom’s usual household chores reminders, I also got from you that the bedroom is your refuge so it should be clean and fresh. Who wouldn’t want to lay down on a comfortable, smells good, covered with fresh linen bed, right?

Enough said about bed and pillows and fresh linens but really those things always reminded me of you. It showed how you care and love.

Inside my memory box too, I couldn’t count the times I spent traveling with you from home to work by bus. While I am not yet going to school you will tag me along to your office and spend nothing but accompany you, watch you work, or your office mates while the little me munch on some chips. It was really a vague memory to me now. Snacking on the bus with some more chips and a bottle of soda poured into a plastic bag inserted with a straw or sometimes a fruit juice in a foil tetra pack is what I remember the most.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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