Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life



I think I should have used the sweep panorama function of my digital camera to neatly stitched them together but obviously I did not.

I was distracted with the funny antics of my cousins while they were shopping for souvenirs.

With my attention quickly directed at them [Seriously, I am nowhere near to having a short attention span disorder. 🙂 ] I can’t help but give in to some laughs and smiles with them. This is Caramoan’s town busy market. Not quite that busy eh? Their level of busy-ness is same to what my town has, since it is quaint and teeming with familiar faces for business and stall owners selling their own produce and other services that is in micro proportions,

this is the most kind of street life you will observe and see on this part of the province where I am from.

Coming up with these photos resulted as a challenge for me too because taking photographs at this style, wherein your subject may or may not know or like being photographed or their pictures taken, isn’t my most comfortable state. I still don’t have that assertiveness to click and put moments on stills. Leaving me with limited photos to choose from my archives.

I pretty much agreed with what Shane Francescut said,

Typically, I prefer to work with and interact with my subjects, rather than snap shots of them without their knowledge. I feel like it might invade their privacy in some way if I take their photo and then walk away without speaking to them.

because I am so used at making my close friends, family and cousins and the growing numbers of my godsons/daughters as subjects thus I am comfortable and at ease on the highest level even prompting or directing them on some scenes I want but for now I always want to catch their most candid moments. I am practicing more on this level.

When I read another post on this theme, it was by nomadruss, showing people on benches, it really blew me. I’m inspired by it. It was the first post that I chance upon about street photography and then on I always think about it and visit his post once in a while to bathe my eyes of candid moments at its best as well as fill my hunger for inspiration and capturing real life.

I’m an observer and sometimes people watching keeps me entertained while queuing to order that chicken sandwich at KFC, or while waiting for my cheeseburger deluxe meal at McDonald’s, or while my butt’s aching having sat for more than an hour just waiting on the release of my live birth certificate copy at National Statistics Office.


    1. Thank you! I also I admire your shots for this week’s theme. I would love to go to Marrakech first then Zurich and Prague the next. So much so that I can also see for myself what you’ve taken there and captured it on stills.


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