Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

This is what my threshold looks like now.

A kid* sitting by the steps, with his cap covering his face from the glare of the sun and after encouraging and coaching him to just sit still to have his picture perfect taken he made a face and slowly stood up and went running to his Mommy.

He embodied what my threshold looks like now in the sense that I am still at the steps. I haven’t pushed the door yet, though, it screams PUSH sign already on my face.

This kid, lots of innocence, doesn’t care much of the world out there. He only cares about watching his favorite, Adventure Time or whatever. He asks food when his hungry, oh that Chicken Hotshots. He is just beginning to appreciate what life has to offer and the simplicity of it is he knew that everything is within reach of course with the help of his Mommy.

More so, I knew that my back is well supported too. I’ve surrounded myself with people I know will help me get through that door, whatever that is. It’s just me, it all boils down to me to find my way through, or at least think of ways to really get out of that glare, ascend on the steps and push that door.

*He’s my nephew.



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