On the Shore with the Waves*

What better way to immortalize those letter writings we had before is to post my greetings here for this birthday of yours. I know we both long for that letters and writing something now will be like worthy of a price. A price that definitely can’t be compared to how our friendship grew over time.

Maybe time will come that we’ll do that again but for now let me appreciate our friendship connection through this post greeting for you. A post that will also remind us both on what has become of you to me as a great friend.

As we all know this gift of our great friendship flourished from sharing common denominators between us. I could list some of those starting with;

  • Songs. Up to now we still ask each other’s playlist. I know you have the good ears built for hearing and a developed inclination to musicality(the voice) that’s why I am impressed with your line of soundtracks, the genres, the musicians that we sometimes both loved listening to and sharing and exchanging copies because they are cool, we are cool. Honestly, whenever I ask you that’s only to get  and compare if there’s something new or worth listening from your playlist.
  • Books. Um, I have to say you made the biggest influence when it comes to reading. You yourself is a voracious one as you admit it and your collection, now part of our town’s public library, sorry to bring this up again but that is a testament that you made changes to my interest when it comes to books. I thank you. Indeed reading lets you travel, learn and fall in love with the characters.
  • TV Series & DVD Marathons. Part of our convo are casts and scenes that make a show interesting or good. The culture of staying in a cave(apartment) watching over marathons of Supernatural, or Dexter, or True Blood and et al during nothing-planned-out weekends or I-am-sick-I-need-rest days, is what I got from you. Before I was content with back to back weekend replays of CSI but now I acquired the patience to wait for the new seasons of The Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones to end so that I can buy that DVD and play a marathon in my cave whenever I want, shitty days or not.
  • YM. That’s Yahoo Messenger. Our slick online communication where we share stories(exciting, it can’t wait another day kind), plan some meet-ups or getaways, or share stories(shitty ones) and definitely a sure sign when our mobiles reached zero balance(LOL) we use this as an alternative to talk for free.
  • Blogging. Through this my exclusive journal made it to the blogosphere, connecting it to the world. It helped me become more confident about my writing and discovered ways on how to improve it and that’s through your prodding, much prodding. I can say that again, can’t I?

That will be the my list for now, maybe you could add more and make a post of it too.

Generally, I have always been interested and making rounds about those denominators mentioned but meeting someone like you coinciding with the same and luckily having you as a dear friend is but a relief to my neurons because you are highly intellectual and sensible kind one, so it is really easier to live and pour time with our somewhat parallel selves.

Thank you for the friendship, for allowing me to be a godfather to your adorable Zak, for being generous when you can, for the influences(definitely the good ones), for the pieces of advice and encouragements and for baptizing me as your twin brother.

I’m really grateful on the latter(seriously) because every time I hear it, it grounds me that I have someone out there to discuss with about anything or whatever, to ask for a copy of interesting e-books, to talk about creative stuff(mostly copy of pictures from my camera that you need to keep for a lifetime), and to persuade me on becoming the ring leader for some vacation getaways plans for our friends’ group.


• Ζ •



Haa. . .

Haaaa. . .

Haaaaa. . .


Twin Sis,

To lifetime friendship.

I will always be here standing by.


All the love,

Twin Bro


*I remembered you inviting me, first time, to be with your family on a trip to the beach. We’re on 6th grade then, that’s when I realized our friendship. That we will be bestfriends.

Bestfriends. .on the shore with the waves.



  1. Reblogged this on Chiquitita and commented:
    I am now a bit convinced that I have probably done something good in my past life to receive this kind words from my twin brother. And I am even more convinced that when I die, someone will share something good about my life. Thank you dear brother. 🙂


  2. Exchanging posts is way way better than receiving a tangible gift. And you made me so happy by receiving this gift, twin bro. I have often written about people who matter because it’s the only way I can reciprocate their love and receiving one is like opening the best gift ever. Thank you for standing by, for being my mirror. Zak has the best set of godparents. And for that Kervi and I are secure. I am currently lost for words reading this, you have to forgive me with this lousy comment. But please remember that you have a sister in me and a family in us (me, Kervi and Zak). Our doors will always be open for you. Anytime twin bro. 🙂

    All the love.

    Twin Sis 🙂


    Can I share this thru FB?


    1. Awweee! You’re most welcome. I know, in fact, I can count you on all of those you mentioned above. 🙂 Yes, I will remember that always. Sharing the table with your, now, own start-up family is not a moment to be missed.

      High five.

      Yes, you may. (Just had some technical difficulties yesterday with the web connection, that’s why I ended not posting it on fb.)


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