Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


This is a sign sticking out on the trail while cousin A and I stopped for a water break. We are already on our way down the mountain when my eyes caught this broken white ceramic tile with scribbles on it. As I go near it to read those letters formed into words, I am entertained as I began to read it.

Souvenir misspelled as SOUVINIR,

This word written in caps got me. Folks, I am not suggesting in making fun of this sign. I understand clearly the misspelled words written on it. I am just curious if the man or woman manning the small store off the trail some few feet away from this sign wrote it. As we approach the store we seated on the bamboo slats made into a bench. I am still catching my breath and thinking about asking them why there is a sign sticking on the trail but I didn’t bother.

I get the point that it is for marketing purposes, a marketing strategy for their small store. That sign was stuck to let the mountaineers know that there is a store they can conveniently buy anything they need from water, canned sardines, coffee, soy sauce, vinegar, sodas, cigarettes, liquor, noodles, chips, some over-the-counter medicines for headache or diarrhea to souvenirs while trekking or camping at the mountain.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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