Thank You

When you hear or say those two words it is always said in response to someone in exchange of favors or gifts or just that plain gesture of passing the plate while having dinner.

But for this Thank You. I am saying thanks to my mother. A different tone on being thankful.

I promised myself to write about her in any ways possible to show her that she is most loved by us her sons.

I know I can never thank her enough for all the things and unconditional support she has given me over time. It is so endearing to think, feel that she never stops giving what she can just so you can do whatever you want. Expect her to be with you whenever you need her but she heeds you when you tell her that you can go on your own. Still she never falters to give sweet reminders on what to do and not do.

When I was still a kid I remembered being vocal about my appreciation towards my mother. My innate creative skills, as what I would like to believe because I’ve felt how she encouraged and gave recognition to every sketch and coloring activities I did then, became the instrument in letting her feel loved and endeared. What I would usually do is to make those cards. Draw a rose, a heart, a smiley or even some cartoon characters I find cute and that I know my mother would care to look at and be excited on what to read inside it.

Sometimes I do write her letters. When I write them I also make sure that it’d be fancy and quirky with all those figures and lettering.

Two months ago, I decided to de-clutter some pile of boxes in our makeshift attic, it was just gathering dust and a conducive sleeping area for our sole pet cat, to my amazement I discovered a shoe box I thought was empty and be put to trash but when I opened it I saw this.

DSC09086 1

A smile was painted on my face. The card above was one of the most throwback-ed I’ve made based on the date my mother wrote on the top right side of it.

I really can’t remember most of these except for the most recent which I happened to write a date on it. These cards I made were given to her for Mother’s Day. All of it were written with a Happy Mother’s Day greeting on its face.

And there’s this one letter that struck me too.


I don’t remember my mother liking Garfield but of course it has something to do then with what I find something quirky to get her attention when I lay this letter on her boudoir or sometimes I insert it to her lesson plan notebooks.

With all these thoughtful cards and letters I have made I observed that yes I am vocal about saying I love you to her but few lines when I would really say how thankful I am for her love, support and appreciation.

I know this is not yet late to remind her of how I am indebted to her for all her unconditional love for us. And cheesy as it sounds, I will forever be in gratitude for her on not giving up on us, our family.

Mama still doesn’t have any social media accounts though how much we persuade her to learn the tweaks and ticks. My brother T often teases her to get herself a tablet so much so that she can learn easily how to Facebook and Skype. But she would end up being sensitive about it. And we would end up laughing about it. Her contentment with mobile, texting and calling is what she’s most comfortable till now. Internet and online media definitely amazes her. It shows when our big brother would Skype her from the other side of the world.



What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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