Just Go

Maybe friends that want to travel together, stays together.

It underscores how really my friendship is shared with these guys. We all want to experience a new place to where we can make moments and have fun together and heading to a beach is one of a helluva option.

Secluded or not as long as there is sand, sea and sun but wait there’s more. .sunblock, we’ll definitely thrive on it even with the absence of those leisure and extreme activities that usual tourists enjoy although patronizing it helps the local economy but we are always on the safe side, not letting go of our wallets and purses to let it dry of cash. [LOL]

Aside from that we are socially admirable because even too without the presence of an alcohol a.k.a. liquor we can talk the night away all except when we feel like to or some of the boys request it becomes a must to have bottles on the table or just to cap the night off. I oblige and I’m still fine with that. I know my limits. I do drink occasionally just like this summer night that we are here, together, at Puerto Galera.

I gathered and observed some superficial moments and just nodded that indeed life is what you make it. As we mature, personal differences, this not to be taken negatively, becomes obvious on how we make decisions, stand our grounds, make plans, and on taking selfies. Wahaha!

Sharing the experience of traveling also brings out the best and some of the worst in us. Nonetheless, the experience can never be trade-off, maybe forgotten but there are pictures to remind us always. I just hope Facebook and Instagram are here to stay.

I just have this slight disconnect(maybe it has something to do with what I gathered and observed) to this place because I like a tranquil beach, or just a chill surrounding, never rowdy and loud. But I know what to really expect here that this is a cove near Manila mirroring Boracay’s party place during summer months so it is a mosh pit where everyone can enjoy and let loose.

I am convinced now after seeing the beach’s nightlife, that people would want to come here, escape the urban jungle and cool off at the blue waters while a party awaits them on sundown.

On coming back here, I would, if I am to stay in Manila. This place is so near, easy to reach and affordable to where you can escape and cool off especially when summer heat strikes and boils the metro. This totally screams summer gimmick.

Basta, when you feel like to, just go.




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