Work of Art



Three years ago my interest on photography was born apart from that I have been interested too with cooking. It started when I would do my own sunny side ups as young as 8 years old. And mother would tell stories of me observing her and my aunt at the kitchen whenever they would prepare menus for our family occasions. She retells too on replay that one incident when I was a toddler that I accidentally grabbed a bowl of beaten eggs and milk ready to be poured into pans, thus, ending being spilled over me. That mixture will become a leche flan if only it wasn’t put to waste by my curiosity.

* * *

Here I present my work of art. Tiramisu.

A no-bake, easy to make cake fit to be a star dessert.

I obliged myself in photographing this slice because I can’t contain my happiness of seeing it in full form as what I would see in food magazines or even at online food sites. Together with my youngest bro, we are in elation, for perfecting this dessert. Whenever we tried doing it then we resulted to having flat layers. That cream and milk layer wouldn’t form enough to achieving that soft and creamy layers. Soon as we tried more in making adjustments to the consistency of the cream and milk mixture, it all lies in the quality of the cream. We realized that it should be chilled at least for four hours to attain and form peaks after it is whipped so when it freezes that creamy layer is evident between those graham crackers.

Another tip is to whip the cream together with condensed milk until they form soft peaks, that will ensure that you’ll have a picture perfect Tiramisu or as we fondly call it, Ref(short for refrigerated) cake.

Stay tuned for my food posts, try making your own Tiramisu and let me know what you’ve come up.

You can add any tangy or citrus fruits like mangoes, orange wedges or grapes in the creamy mixture to make it healthier and for some texture. Usually my aunt adds mangoes but I used canned fruit cocktails for this cake of mine.


What do you think of this post? Let me know. Thanks.

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